Mom’s End of Year Half-Day Rant Will Leave You in Stitches

It’s the end of the school year. Finally. Parents are done. Students are done. And teachers have been done since three days after the end of Winter Break. The school year has become like a toddler telling a knock-knock joke…it just needs to end. And yet, without fail, we find ourselves with the inevitable end of year “half-day” – that day when kids go to school for no reason other than to consume sugar and presumably bring home every art project they’ve ever made.

When author, blogger, mom, and all-around common sense goddess, Susannah Lewis, the wit and brains behind Whoa Susannah, decided to express her feelings on the subject of the end-of-school-year half-day, it was like hearing my feelings come to life. Only a lot funnier and with fewer tears.

As Lewis puts it, “That just means I ‘half’ to get up at 6:30, drag these kids out of bed, send them to school for three hours to get hyped up on sugar, high fructose corn syrup, Pixie Stix, and donuts and cupcakes, and then I ‘half’ to go get them before the sugar high has even worn off.”

And she’s right. She’s oh-so-very right. But don’t take my word for it…see it for yourself. Then tell me you don’t agree!


And as often happens, funny people tend to attract other funny people…and Lewis hit the jackpot when it came to her son’s first-grade teacher. Following her end of school rant last year, Lewis received the following photo on…you guessed it…the last/half-day.

All I can say is, half-day or not, congratulations! We’ve made it through another school year…almost. Enjoy your summer, Richmond Moms (and Dads)!

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