Funny Video about Boy Moms vs. Girl Moms

Every child is different, there’s no doubt about that. They each have their own unique personalities, characters, and ways of expressing themselves. And while we can all agree that raising kids, regardless of their gender, is a challenge (and a reward!), there do seem to be some rather distinct differences between boy moms vs. girl moms.

This week’s Share Saturday video takes a quick, but seriously funny, look at the stereotype of what it’s like to raise girls vs. what it’s like to raise boys. Without giving it away, let’s just say that you’ve got one set of moms who know exactly where all the toys belong – and another set who say things like, “Don’t throw rocks at your brother’s head!”

Now, I have to admit, with a houseful of girls myself, my days often feel less like the stereotype of raising girls and much more like this depiction of life with boys. That being said, I will admit, I’ve never had to stop anyone from shooting Nerf guns in the house with the firm command, “BODY SHOTS ONLY!” So there’s that.

Even if your house defies the stereotypes of boy moms vs. girl moms (maybe you have quiet boys or rambunctious girls), you’ll no doubt get a good laugh out of this video. Because after all, stereotypes exist for a reason…and let’s be honest, sometimes it’s better to have a good laugh than think about the reality too much!

The one thing that remains a universal truth is the ending of this hilarious video looking at boy moms vs. girls moms. Because no matter what, we love our kids and we wouldn’t have them any other way. 

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