Dad Joins Daughter’s Dance Recital to Ease Her Stage Fright

When we become parents, we put aside our own needs and wants – and in many cases, our pride. But we do it willingly because after all, that’s what being a parent is all about. Some parents, however, go above and beyond when it comes to their kids, as is the case with the dad in this week’s Share Saturday video.

If you’ve ever been to a toddler-led performance of any kind, be it a dance recital, preschool concert, or sporting event, then you know there’s always going to be at least one kid that’s having none of it. Whether they have stage fright or they simply don’t want to be where they are at that exact moment, you’ll often see tears, a sullen face, and an absolute refusal to participate. However it is that the toddler displays their resistance, you can always match “that kid” to their parents in the audience by the looks of sheer horror on their faces, which is usually followed by frantic encouragement, finally giving way to resigned laughter.

But when Marc Daniels’ two-year-old daughter became “that kid” at her ballet recital, he was anything but “that dad.” In fact, he took dadding to the next level. Instead of letting his daughter cry it out in full recital costume, or simply pulling her off the stage, he stepped in – quite literally. Despite carrying a baby in his arms, Daniels took to the stage, ready to twirl, plié, and leap (bright red tennis shoes and all) alongside his daughter. Keep watching to see how his daughter not only calms down but is soon dancing happily to her dad’s lead.

The resulting video is officially one of our favorite Share Saturday videos yet, because not only is it absolutely hilarious and heartwarming to watch this dad dance like a boss, but it encapsulates what parenting is all about in less than three minutes. Parenting is not about being a passive onlooker, but an active participant in our kids’ lives. Sure, kids need to learn to do things on their own and we can’t always step in, but what better way for this dad to show his support for his daughter, especially at such a young age, than to lead by example. Well done, dad!

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