11-Year Artist From Nigeria Amazes the World

Kareem Waris Olamilekan is only 11-years old, but his talent more than exceeds his age. This young artist from Nigeria began drawing when he was only six years old, sketching cartoons and comics. By the age of eight, he was already creating art professionally, assisting with murals and other commissioned works. But what is most amazing about this young man is his ambition.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Olamilekan, who also goes by the nickname “Waspa,” has big dreams despite his young age. He told BBC News that he wants to see his work featured in museums one day alongside the greats. The type of art he creates is called hyper-realism because of it’s sharp, lifelike qualities. His inspirations are Michaelangelo and another young Nigerian artist by the name of Arinze Stanley, who is one of the world’s most acclaimed hyperrealistic artists.

Using pencil, charcoal, ballpoint pen, pastels, and paint, Olamilekan recreates the world around him, drawing inspiration from friends, family, illustrations, and photographs. Desite his family’s financial struggles, he earned a place at the Ayowole Art Vocational Academy after teachers discovered his rare and unmistakable talent and today, he is receiving international attention for his work.

Young people like Olamilekan remind us that the world is full of beauty as long as we take the time to stop and look for it. Watch the video below to hear Olamilekan describe his dreams and inspiration in his own words. Then keep an eye out for this young artist, because we have a feeling he’s going to reach those goals sooner rather than later.

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