6-Year Old Demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Her Amazing Dance Routine

Dance Diva If you’ve got girls, chances are you’ve done the rite of passage that is dance class. And that, of course, means that you’ve also doled out hundreds of dollars for lessons and, ultimately costumes, that lead up to the final end-of-season dance recital.

For many of us, dance recitals are photo ops in the making. Our little dancers look precious in their tutus, sequins, and glitter. And on stage…well, bless their little hearts. They do their best. Some are frozen by stage fright. Some are perfectionists and execute every move with precision. Others still (and I’m looking at my kids here), just get out there and have a good time, whether they remember the moves or not.

But when it comes to dance recitals, few kids own it like six-year-old Johanna Colon. This dancing dynamo did the Queen of Soul proud when she added her own flair to her dance school’s rendition of “Respect.” From the moment the music starts, you can tell that Johanna might be little, but she’s got some serious spunk.

According to an interview with Today.com, Johanna has been dancing since she was two. When “Respect” was assigned as her recital number, she immediately took to it, asking her mother, Elissa Colon, to play it repeatedly on Pandora. When Johanna learned a little bit more about Aretha Franklin herself, Elissa said she was enamored, stating, “Ooh, she’s got a lot of sass, mommy.”

Johanna performed her dazzling routine in front of more than 400 audience members at a sold-out recital show. Not only did she strut, shake, and sashay her way through the routine flawlessly, she sang along, making it seem as if she was channeling Aretha Franklin directly. The cheers from the crowd were more than enough to show that, clearly, this little diva was born for the stage.

As for us, well Johanna, we think you have done Aretha proud with your performance! As for the rest of you, we have a feeling that once you’ve seen this video once, you’ll have a hard time not hitting replay…good luck!

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