Everything You Need to Know About Kids’ Subscription Boxes

Kids Subscription BoxesBy now, most of you are familiar with clothing subscription boxes. In fact, companies like Stitch Fix, Gwynnie Bee, and Le Tote have revolutionized how many of us shop – mainly in the sense that we don’t actually have to shop anymore. Subscription boxes, if you’re not familiar with them, contain pre-selected articles of clothing and accessories based on your tastes and preferences.

These boxes are sent on a pre-set delivery schedule and you have the choice to keep the items that work and return those that don’t. Needless to say, this is a busy mother’s dream. But, did you know that they also made subscription boxes for kids? Since 2011, when these boxes first hit the scene, kids’ subscription boxes have spared busy parents from the stress, time, and, often, mental anguish that comes with shopping with kids.

With back-to-school just around the corner, many of us are already thinking about all the shopping that needs to be done. If you’re already wondering where you’ll find the time, then don’t worry. This article will tell you all that you need to know about kids’ subscription boxes, including how to choose the one that’s right for your family.

What is a kids’ subscription box?

Just like the subscription boxes for adults that we mentioned above, a kids’ subscription box is a package that contains different articles of clothing, depending on your child’s taste, that arrives weekly, monthly or seasonally depending on the company that offers the product. The package comes in the name of your child, and usually, each item inside of it is wrapped in colorful paper, making your child feel every as if it is their birthday or even Christmas every time they receive it.

Usually, you can purchase subscription boxes that contain items as following:

  • Clothes
  • School Supplies
  • Magazines / Books
  • Toys
  • Baby items
  • Combinations of the items listed above

Why does my kid need a subscription box?

First of all, subscription boxes are easy and save time. You decide how often you wish to receive a subscription box, as well as what kind of box you wish to receive. Most of the companies that deliver subscription boxes give you the chance to decide what your kid needs, as well as indicate their favorite colors, age, gender, and size. Additionally, if the things in the box do not fit your child, or you and/or your child don’t like them, you can easily send them back.

Secondly, they reduce stress. Any parent can tell you – it’s not easy to go from one shop to another with young children who easily get tired or hungry.

Thirdly, you will make your child feel not only happy but more responsible. They will be receiving mail in their name, which will be exciting while getting them invested in the process of selecting their clothing and accessories.  Plus, many kids’ subscription box companies use a portion of their proceeds to help children in need, giving you a chance to talk about the value of giving back with your kids.

Last but not least, if you’re still not convinced of the value of a kids’ subscription box, then keep in mind that in most cases you will not have to pay for shipping (unlike most online purchases), which adds up to significant savings!

How to choose the best kids’ subscription box?

If you’re already convinced kids’ subscription box are for you but you don’t know where to start, we have created a guideline to help you find the right company for you.

Decide what type of subscription box your child needs.

If your child has a lot of clothes or a lot of toys, then he or she definitely does not need a subscription box with clothes or toys. Find out what your child lacks or is passionate about. It might be magazines, books, or schools stuff.

Check out the prices!

Just because you’ve decided to buy a subscription box doesn’t mean you should purchase the first box you find. As in every other type of business, some companies that sell these boxes sometimes mark up prices. That is why you should check at least five kids’ subscription boxes with similar items, in order to decide which one is the best.

Be careful with regards to digital identity theft.

When you sign up for a subscription box, follow the same guidelines as you would with any online purchase. Check to ensure that the company is real and maybe even check some of their reviews online.

Decide how often you want to receive your box.

Subscription boxes may come weekly, monthly, or seasonally. Decide how often you want to receive the items that the box contains before deciding to actually purchase it. Your child definitely does not need to get new sandals or jackets every week. So try to find a box that comes in as often as your child needs it.

Consider the time for receipt of your box and whether or not you will want to return items.

Usually, after you have signed up for a kids’ subscription box, you will receive it within three to seven workdays depending on what type of box you are receiving. Many companies that offer clothing give you the chance to send back the items that are too small or too big for your child in exchange for others in their size. For other items, most companies will allow you to send back what you don’t want or need and in all cases, you will most likely receive a refund in full for returned items. However, you will need to make the effort to return the items in the manner indicated by the company you have chosen.

If you’re still on the fence about kids’ subscription boxes, think carefully before choosing. But, if you want one last bit of encouragement before making the leap, then just remember the pure joy your child experiences every time they open presents because they will be experiencing the same feeling every time they get a kids’ subscription box for sure!

Ready to check out some kids’ subscription boxes for yourself? Here are some great places to start:


KIDBOX (newborn to size 14)
Rockets of Awesome (sizes 3 – 12)
FabKids (sizes 2 – 16 or XXS to XXL)
KidPik (girls’ sizes 4-14)
Mac & Mia (newborn to 6T)

Toys, Education, and Creativity:

Little Passports – ideas and activities from around the world
Bitsbox – coding for young minds 
Literati Books – books for all ages
KidStir Cooking Box – cooking fun for all ages
Sensory TheraPlay Box – toys and games for kids with sensory concerns

Have you tried subscription boxes for yourself? If so, let us know your favorite. Drop us a line at cs@richmondmom.com.