Mom Hides From Kids In The Pantry Then Nails The Truth About Parenting

Truth Bomb Mom There’s the saying, “Being a perfect parent was much easier when my children were hypothetical.” And we all know that feeling. Long before we had kids, we knew just the kind of parent we would be. We would be kind, loving, patient, firm yet forgiving, and above all else, totally fulfilled. Then the record scratched…and we actually had kids.

What I’ve come to realize about my once-perfect parenting fantasy is that it wasn’t just me that was perfect, my kids were angelic beings sent from above in the scenario, as well. Turns out it’s easy being a perfect hypothetical parent to perfect hypothetical kids. Of course, then I had actual kids. And far from angelic beings, these wiggling, screaming, havoc-wreaking, mess-making little demon spawn that I called my children totally upset my ideals. In fact, they pretty much changed my entire world view.

I’ve never seen anyone express these feeling more accurately, or more hilariously, than Kristina Kuzmic, otherwise known as the “Truth Bomb Mom.” If you’re on social media on a regular basis, then chances are you’ve seen any number of her humorous videos covering the nitty gritty of parenting life. Kristina, a mom of three, takes a raw, candid approach to parenting – and like her screen name – she isn’t afraid to drop some truth bombs.

So when she ended up shut in a pantry wearing a tiara and drinking alternately out of a coffee pot and a sippee cup, it was like seeing my spirit animal come to life. In this oh-so-funny rant about what she thought parenting would be vs. what it actually is, we all get a chance to see ourselves reflected – and have a good laugh while we’re at it.

But it’s important to watch until the end of this video, because what Kristina does is bring it back to the fact that, in her words, “Parenting is not for wusses.” She points out that THIS IS HARD. But most importantly, she reminds us not to lie awake at night worrying about all the things that we’ve done wrong (i.e., not living up to our hypothetical ideal), but rather to focus on the the things we’ve done right including making, birthing, raising, and loving these amazing humans we call kids.

If you need a good parenting boost like I did, then this video is going to make your Saturday – and maybe your whole weekend!

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