Family of Bears Go For A Swim At Lake Tahoe

family of bearsTeaching our kids about water safety is one of the most important things we can do as parents. We teach them the importance of not swimming unsupervised. We teach them about the power of currents and tides. And we teach them how to avoid certain dangers in the water. The one thing we probably don’t think to teach them about when swimming though? Bears.

It’s a rare thing to see certain wild animals in nature – much less in a crowded people-filled setting. So when a family of bears showed up on a busy Lake Tahoe beach in August 2016, bystanders were shocked, to say the least.

More often than not, bears, like most wildlife, prefer to keep to themselves, but as developments, housing, and commercial sites continue to push closer and closer to their habitat, it’s only natural that they eventually decide to push back. The Lake Tahoe area has several hundred black bears living nearby, so perhaps it’s not completely unexpected that this mama bear and her cubs decided to cool down on a hot day. But that didn’t stop beach-goers from a little bit of panic as this family of bears strolled down to the water, splashed around a bit, then strolled right past groups sunbathers, swimmers, and paddleboarders to head home. Fortunately, these onlookers knew that no matter how sweet and friendly the bears looked, they still needed to keep a safe distance – after all…bears are bears!

The bears clearly didn’t seem to mind that people were around, just proving that when you’re a mom and the kids need to get out of the house for a while, you’ll do whatever it takes. Enjoy this unexpected little look at how parents are the same, no matter who – or what – they are!

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