Baby Baker Makes Pizza and Wins Our Hearts

Baby Baker Pizza

If you’re on the internet, then chances are you’ve seen two-year-old Roman Jalyn in his cooking show debut that aired back in August on YouTube. But if somehow you missed it, then let us tell you, this adorable baby baker took the internet by storm when he made a cake from scratch, from batter to buttercream icing, all the while providing a running commentary that was sweeter than the sprinkles he doused on the finished product. Needless to say, nothing could make us happier than to see Roman back – and better than ever – in a new pizza-themed installment of “Roman’s Cooking Corner.”

Since Roman’s mom, Ayla Jayln, began showcasing her budding baker on YouTube and other social media networks, the response has been overwhelming. But it’s not hard to see why. Clad in nothing but an apron (because toddlers and cooking that’s why), Roman showcases his skills by using pre-measured ingredients, taste-testing along the way (as one does), and offering plenty of descriptive blow-by-blow comments. With mom standing in a sous chef,  Roman makes us melt as he sweetly asks “please” for each ingredient and shows an enthusiasm that is impossible to resist.

Baby Baker Pizza 3

In this latest edition of Roman’s Cooking Corner, our master chef makes pizza and turns it into internet gold. Starting with a pre-made crust, a healthy sousing of sauce, and toppings that are interesting to say the least, Roman employs the one (or-five)-for-me/one-for-the-pot attitude towards cooking that is so relatable. After giving his creation a few good smacks with a spatula along the way, it’s finally ready for the oven…and by this time, we’re completely in love with Roman and his show.

A big kudos goes to Ayla, Roman’s mom, for her creative ideas (including a custom box for the finished pizza), but most of all for her willingness to really let this talented tot have free reign in assembling his creations. Most of us would have micromanaged the process to death – which is probably why our kids don’t have a cooking show!

On her YouTube channel, Ayla promises a new video each month. Well, Ayla and Roman, we can’t wait. In the meantime, we’ll just be sitting here watching this one over and over and loving it more every time!

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