Costco Cashier Mistaken For Maui from Moana Delights Sisters in Hawaii


It’s one thing to meet your childhood heroes in real-life when you visit Disney World or another character-filled theme park. But imagine if you were just out shopping one day and you stumbled across a demi-god…say, perhaps, Maui from the hit Disney movie Moana?

Well, that’s exactly what happened for two sisters in Kapolei, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. While shopping at Costco with their mom, Ryley (8) and Rylyn (5) Rivera spotted someone who they knew all too well. However, instead of being an animated character on a TV screen, he was their living, breathing cashier. When the girls saw him, they immediately exclaimed, “That’s Maui!”

The cashier, whose actual name is William (Will) Va’ana, is clearly no stranger to this association. But instead of correcting the girls, he played along with them, going so far as inviting them around to his side of the register and giving a well-practiced shout of “CHEE-HOO,” the Disney character’s signature yell.

Rella Rivera, the girls’ mother, told PEOPLE Magazine that the girls now look for Maui every time they visit their local Costco. After she uploaded the following YouTube video, she found out that her girls aren’t the only neighborhood kids who know and love this local hero – and as it turns out, Will is always happy to indulge kids who mistake him for the beloved character.

As for Will himself, he’s used his fortuitous demi-god looks to his advantage, playing Maui for parties and even doing a stint at the Aulani Disney resort. But what’s even cooler is how he so willingly and gladly puts a smile on his young admirers’ faces.

Watch the adorable video below and remember, you’re never too old to be a kid at heart!

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