Dancing Doc Brings Smiles To Kids In The Hospital

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Hospital stays are no fun – especially when you’re a child. And for the children in the following video, their time in the hospital is even more difficult as they are all facing life threatening or debilitating conditions. So you might wonder what could bring smiles to their faces? That answer is simple – Tony Adkins, better known as the Dancing Doc.

Adkins is a pediatric neurosurgery physician assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. An Army veteran and father of two daughters himself, Adkins began his own innovative form of “dance therapy” about a year ago when he was looking for a way to engage one of his young patients. When he saw the effect that dance and music had on his patient’s responsiveness, he knew he was on to something. Since then, this dancing doc been busting a move with his young charges – and proving that laughter is most certainly one of the best medicines!

Many of Adkins’ patients are facing conditions that even adults could not imagine. Adkins sees his dance as a way of helping them preserve their sense of childhood. These days, his co-workers report that children on his floor request him by name…or simply ask for the dancing doc, a title that everyone recognizes.

Since beginning his unconventional, but utterly delightful “treatment,” Adkins has gained international attention and has made guest appearances both in person and via video feed on shows including “Good Morning, America,” “Inside Edition,” and more. Just watch the following video and you’ll see why.

There’s no doubt that Adkins is what we need more of in the world. Not only does he see his patients for the people that they are, but he spreads his positive energy to everyone around him, including his colleagues.

And while not every doctor should be dancing their way through medical treatment, we’re certainly glad that Tony Adkins is. Keep on dancing, Tony!

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