Guide to Richmond Gyms and Fitness Studios for Women

Fitness for momsThe start of a new year often means that start of new routines. Whether it’s as simple as settling in to a new schedule following the holidays or it’s beginning the process of fulfilling ambitious new year’s resolutions, many of us find ourselves re-evaluating ourselves. And after a season of holiday parties, one too many cookies, and an extra cup of egg nog or two, the areas of weight, fitness, exercise habits, and overall lifestyle choices are often at the front of our minds. While it might seem cliché to link a new fitness plan to the new year, the fact of the matter is that there’s no bad time to start thinking about fitness – so it might as well be at the start of a new year, right?

Starting a new fitness routine can be intimidating. Whether it’s been awhile since you’ve participated in a class or it’s been a few years since you’ve worn workout clothes for anything other than dragging tired kids to the grocery store, it’s easy to feel a degree of self-consciousness when it comes to getting back out into the fitness world. But like anything, all it takes is making the first move.

There was a time when it would have been difficult to find gyms or even classes that were focused on the particular needs of women. But these days, a variety of options exists, from female-only gyms to prenatal and postpartum fitness classes. There are even options like ClassPass that allow you to pay a monthly membership fee and drop-in for single classes at participating gyms and fitness studios – or even stream workouts at home. Needless to say, the options are limitless.

If getting back in shape (or even just feeling stronger and healthier) is part of your plan for the new year, then there’s no time like the present to get started. Below, you’ll find a wide variety of places in the Richmond area that are designed specifically to meet the goals of women, from specialized training to female-only spaces to care and rehabilitation both before and after childbirth.

Women-Only Gyms and Fitness Programs 

Fit4Mom Richmond

As the nation’s leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program, Fit4Mom focuses solely on the needs of moms. They provide fitness and wellness programs designed to support moms, while making them strong in mind, body, and spirit. In addition to providing the chance reclaim your physical strength, mental wellbeing, and inner motivation, Fit4Moms also provides a chance to socialize and create bonds with other moms, offering playgroups and social outings in addition to workout sessions. Best of all, your first class is free!

Fit4Mom Richmond offers the following programs:

Fit4Baby® a prenatal workout class for moms-to-be designed to gently prepare bodies for the upcoming changes of motherhood.

StrollerStrides® a total-body conditioning workout for moms with little ones in tow. Sessions are 60 minutes each and include strength training, cardio and core restoration, all while entertaining the little ones with songs and activities.

Stroller Barre® a 60-minute cardio and strength interval class designed to improve posture, stability, and mobility. This workout combines moves inspired by barre, ballet, Pilates, fitness, and yoga.

Body Back Transformation® – an eight-week course focused on improving mind, body, overall health, and wellbeing. The course includes high-intensity interval workouts, nutrition guidance, supplemental online workouts, accountability, pre- and post-fitness assessments and support.

Body Back Workout® – a 60-minute, results-based workout using high-intensity interval training cycles that combine cardio, strength, and core work and conclude with a relaxing meditation.

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(804) 608-6346


Gold’s Gym (Woman-Only Workout Areas)

Long known for their reputation as one of the nation’s top fitness chains, Gold’s Gym’s iconic weightlifter icon hardly implies a feminine vibe. But part of what makes them one of the best gyms around is that they are focused their clientele’s needs. In the case of many Gold’s Gym locations, that means not only offering childcare, but providing a women-only workout area.

With 11 gyms in the Greater Richmond area, it’s not hard to find a Gold’s Gym convenient to home. However, if you’re looking for women-only space, be sure to visit the following locations:

Gold’s Gym – The Fan
Gold’s Gym – Richmond (West Broad Street)
Gold’s Gym – Gayton Crossing
Gold’s Gym – North Chesterfield (Meadowbrook)
Gold’s Gym – Midlothian

Click on the links above to find out more about FREE trial classes, pricing, class schedules, additional amenities, Kids’ Club options, and contact information.


KYA Women

KYA is intensive outdoor “bootcamp” program focused on small group training in 45 to 60-minute sessions. The workouts are built on high-intensity interval training utilizing dumbbells, jump ropes, resistance bands, medicine balls, stability balls, power bands, and other resistance equipment. With no complicated machines and no running required, you’ll receive a full body workout that includes cardio and strength training, while boosting energy levels. KYA Women workouts are held at Huguenot Park and led by Jennifer Hunt, an ACE-certified personal fitness trainer and weight management specialist.

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10901 Robious Rd (Huguenot Park)
Richmond, VA 23235


Pirate Girl Fitness

After losing over 100 pounds, Pirate Girl Fitness founder and owner, Laurie Morefield, recognized a need for a different kind of fitness program for women in the Richmond area, particularly those with a fair bit of weight to lose. Using high-intensity interval training in her private studio and through online classes, Laurie helps women reach their fitness goals in both individual sessions and small group classes. Start with a free consultation and fitness assessment, including discussions about diet and overall wellness, then if Pirate Girl Fitness is right for you, Laurie will customize your program and you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals.

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1907 Westmoreland Street
Richmond, Virginia 23230
(804) 525-8895


Styles Group Fitness

Styles Group Fitness is a boutique fitness studio designed just for women. They specialize in small group personal training that combines high-intensity interval training, strength training, and conditioning – all in 55-minute sessions. Each session is led by a professional coach who, because of the small group environment, provides individual technical guidance, encouragement, and motivation. In other words, you’ll receive all the benefits of a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the cost.

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5600 Patterson Ave. (near the corner of Libbie and Patterson)
Richmond, VA 23226
(804) 349-3264
*sessions are by appointment only, so be sure to call or email first!


Zinger Fit

Zinger Fit provides small group training for women of all fitness levels. Their program offerings include high-intensity interval training (HIIT), barre, cycling, and personal training. Their goal is to create a dynamic environment with classes that help you meet your fitness goals for cardio, strength training, core training, balance, toning, and more. Their professional instructors and there to motivate and encourage you to meet your goals, no matter what they may be.

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445 North Ridge Road
Henrico, VA 23229
(804) 263-0278


Women-Focused Gyms and Fitness Studios 

While the following gyms and fitness studios are not exclusively for women, they each offer classes and programming that cater to many women’s interests, physical needs, and workout goals. In other words, these programs are definitely not off-limit to men, but chances are you’ll find more women in your classes than otherwise!

BOHO Studios

BOHO Cycle Studio is an indoor cycling studio (and more) focusing on fitness, nutrition, and health. While BOHO is definitely open to men, it offers a uniquely feminine perspective in that the staff, from the owner to the instructors, is comprised entirely of women. They are dedicated to creating a challenging, yet engaging environment that allows you to push yourself to the limit, challenge your own ideas about fitness, and get sweaty – all while having a blast. With two cycling locations in Richmond, you’ll find everything from exciting theme rides (think Live DJs, Hip-Hop, or “Ladies of Rock”) to private classes.

For more workout options, on January 19, 2019, BOHO’s third and newest location, BOHO Fit Studio, will provide fitness and yoga classes.

Last but not least, take advantage of BOHO Core, a health coaching service designed to help you reach your goals by combing food, nutrition, and fitness programs based on your individual needs. In addition to individual coaching, BOHO Core offers workshops, challenges, corporate programs, and more.

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Museum District
714 N. Sheppard St.
Richmond, VA 23221
(804) 355-1151

Church Hill
2401 E. Marshall St.
Richmond, VA 23223
(804) 728-1824

Brookland Park – BOHO Fit Studio
127 W Brookland Park Blvd
Richmond, VA 23222
(804) 728-1824


Barre Studios

Barre is one of the most popular fitness methods in the country today. Barre uses a mix of Pilates, dance, yoga, and functional training to create a full-body workout. Choreographed workouts are set to music to create a stimulating, diverse workout that many, particularly women, have found to be both challenging and effective. While many fitness yoga studios also offer barre classes, below is a list of some of the most popular barre-exclusive studios in the Richmond area:

The Hot Yoga Barre (Willow Lawn, Richmond) 

barReVA (River Road, Richmond)

Pure Barre (River Road, Richmond)

Pure Barre (Alverser Plaza, Midlothian)

The Bar Method (Village Shopping Center, Three Chopt)

Corner Barre (Lauderdale Road, Henrico)

Pulse Barre Studio (Atlee Road, Mechanicsville)


SOUL Aerial and Performing Arts

Female-friendly fitness has come a long way since the days when jogging or Jazzercising (one of the trailblazers for female fitness!) were the only options available. Today, there are countless ways to build strength and achieve fitness while learning new skills and having fun. SOUL Aerial and Performing Arts offers both kid and adult classes with the goal of creating an environment where everyone feels welcome – no matter their skill level or desired outcome. Their adult classes include:

Aerial – four-week sessions (beginning to advanced) learning the art of Aerial apparatuses and skills including Lyra, Static Trapeze and Silks.

Pole – taking off on one of the latest fitness crazes, SOUL offers beginning to advanced classes in pole work, including floor work, dance, spinning moves, static upright poses, basic climbs and inversions.

Dance – find fitness through dance with SOUL’s unique dance offerings, including Belly Dance, “Heels and Hip Hop,” Ballet Barre Fit, Adult Ballet, and Adult Parkour.

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1632 Ownby Lane
Richmond, VA 23220
(804) 310-4858


TURN Cardio Jam Studio

For a workout that is made to energize, excite, and never bore you, TURN Cardio Jam Studio is the place for you. Focusing on dance-based workouts, TURN offers classes focused on core, cardio, and choreography. They offer a wide variety of workout options ranging from Dance Trance, to Hip Hop Yoga, all the way to Surf Cardio Strength Classes. Whatever your fitness goals, TURN will get you moving in the right direction – literally.

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3105 W. Moore St.
Richmond, VA 23230
*Off-street parking in alley between Leigh & Moore St.
(804) 601-8876 (TURN)


Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness and Yoga

For many moms, fitness presents a unique challenge, whether because of a current pregnancy, or because of the changes that our bodies, schedules, and energy levels go through following childbirth. Fortunately, there are a number of options for fitness classes that are designed to take a mother’s needs into account. Below are some of the program available to moms-to-be, as well as new moms:

Ashtanga Yoga Richmond (Cary St, Richmond) – prenatal and postpartum yoga

Fit4Mom Richmond (various locations) – prenatal and postpartum fitness

Glenmore Yoga & Wellness Center (Ridgefield Pkwy, Richmond) – prenatal and postpartum yoga

Hanover Yoga & Wellness (Richardson Rd, Ashland) – prenatal yoga

Healthy Life Yoga (Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian) – prenatal yoga

Humble Haven Yoga (13th St, Richmond) – prenatal yoga and special workshops for postpartum

Kate Painter Fitness (Richmond) – group and private prenatal and postpartum yoga

My Birth (Scott’s Addition and Henrico Doctor’s Hospital) – prenatal and postpartum yoga and fitness

Progress Physical Therapy (Glen Allen and Midlothian) – postpartum pilates

Synergy Yoga Studio (Three Chopt Rd, Richmond) – prenatal and postpartum yoga

The Yoga Dojo (Highpoint Ave, Richmond) – prenatal and postpartum yoga

Yoga Source (Cary St, Richmond) – prenatal yoga


Prenatal and Postpartum Physical Therapy

If you’ve been through pregnancy and childbirth, then you know all too well the toll it can take on your body. If you’re in a position where you can’t even begin to exercise because of damage done during pregnancy or delivery, then your first step is to seek care for those injuries. The following Richmond area providers specialize in helping moms and moms-to-be get back to a place of health and wholeness so that they can live their best, healthiest lives.

Bon Secours Pregnancy and Postpartum Rehabilitation

As one of Richmond’s most trusted providers for prenatal and delivery care, it’s no wonder Bon Secours is also a valuable resource for postpartum issues like lower back pain, hip and knee discomfort, pelvic pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, urinary incontinence, sacroiliac pain, and pain or tingling in the hands, legs, and feet. Bon Secours’ Pregnancy and Postpartum Rehabilitation services utilize a number of therapies to help alleviate these issues, including aquatic therapy, exercise to improve strength and mobility, myofascial release, manual therapy, muscle strengthening exercises, and more.

Contact Bon Secours’ Physical Therapy online here.


Progress Physical Therapy

In addition to general physical therapy services, Progress Physical Therapy offers Restore – a special program designed just for moms. Many women experience issues like incontinence, abdominal weakness or protrusion, or pelvic and lower back pain after childbirth. Restore is designed to help you prevent these issues before they occur through a unique four-week program that includes an initial consultation and exam, specialized pilates instruction, and a final re-evaluation. Click here to learn more.

5300 Hickory Park Dr # 110
Glen Allen, VA 23059
(804) 270-7754

2436 Colony Crossing Pl #2
Midlothian, VA 23112
(804) 918-8515


Prosper Physical Therapy and Dry Needling

Founded by physical therapist, Amanda Worley, Prosper Physical Therapy is a unique, mobile physical therapy and dry needling business that is dedicated to meeting your individual needs. Because they come to you, on your schedule, you’ll receive highly individualized care for postpartum issues like diastasis recti or general abdominal weakness, allowing you to get your body back to health and strength. As a mom herself, Amanda understand the special needs of mother’s and is committed to helping you heal.

Request an appointment online
(804) 240-2882


Women’s Health Physical Therapy

Women’s Health Physical Therapy offers services for women experience physical discomfort during pregnancy, as well as proven postpartum rehabilitation. In fact, their Postpartum Strong® program is the first and only comprehensive pre- and post-delivery muscle rehabilitation program in Richmond.

2002 Bremo Rd, Suite 202
Richmond, Va 23226
(804) 282-3500

If you know of any fantastic fitness studios, classes, or other programs designed just for women, let us know! Drop us a line at and we’ll add it to our list! And in the meantime, if you’re looking for locations that cater to the whole family, don’t miss our list of Best Gyms for Families in Richmond for locations that offer childcare and/or classes and activities for kids.