Instructional Grocery Store Shopping Video For Busy Moms Everywhere

grocery storeWe’ve all been there. The kids need to be picked up in three different places, on opposite sides of town, all at the same time. These same kids will be expecting dinner shortly after arriving home. Our partner is going to be held up late at work because of a meeting that will determine the future of their career. We have exactly 10 minutes in which to find a grocery store, enter said store, select our items, check out, and be back in the car en route to the closest pick-up.

It’s every parent’s nightmare…and reality. The only thing that makes a fast grocery store run even possible is that little voice in the back of our head that is coaching us along. It tells us to hurry up when selecting our produce. It reminds us that this is not the time to do price comparisons. But, most importantly, it sends out a “people we might know but really don’t want to run into when we’re in a hurry” radar and helps us keep our head down and our mind in the game.

If any of this sounds familiar (and we KNOW it does), then you will more than love this week’s Share Saturdays video. The always funny team from It’s a Southern Thing, not only accurately depict the scenario described above…they absolutely nail it.

From the “weird dad” from the baseball team who’s buying the peanut butter that come with jelly in the same jar (really?!) to the mom from church who does nothing but talk about her latest “cleanse,” this video has it all.

So kick your feet up, hit play, and know that you’re not alone, mama!

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