Soldier Surprises Wife After She Has Twins

TwinsIf you’ve ever been through labor, you know all too well that it’s a long, hard, and often, very emotional journey. No one wants to go through it alone. Unfortunately, for some moms, they don’t have a choice. And for one mom in Kansas, an early labor and a husband serving in the military in Kuwait meant that she would not only have to deliver one baby alone – but twins.

Skyler Cooper was deployed in Kuwait, leaving behind his wife, Cydney, and their two young boys. Being apart from your family is hard enough, but for Skyler, knowing that Cydney was pregnant with twin girls made the separation even harder. And because babies are unpredictable and tend to arrive on their own schedule, a fact that is even more pronounced when dealing with multiples, there was only so much he could do to be there for the twins’ arrival.

To make matters more complicated, Cydney went into early labor with the girls, Emma and Kayla. Because of their premature birth, the twins had to spend the first couple of weeks of their life in the NICU. So now, on top of the already intensely emotional journey of labor and delivery, Cydney was spending long hours with her tiny daughters in the NICU, all while relying on family to help care for her two young sons at home. Needless to say, this mama had a lot on her shoulders.

So one day while at the hospital texting with her husband, who was presumably still overseas, you can imagine her surprise – and intense emotional response – when she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Skyler standing behind her.

We could describe the scene that ensued, but you’ll need to watch the video, because honestly, even talking about it causes tears! But we will offer one quick spoiler, not only did Skyler have the chance to surprise his wife and twins, but he was able to go home and surprise his boys, too.

This video is the kind of story we love to share the most. Enjoy watching this sweet family reunion and join us as we thank the Coopers and all of the brave military families who sacrifice to serve.

Now go grab some tissues and enjoy!

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