Toddler Imitates Parents Talking The Phone

Toddler imitate ParentsIf you have a toddler over the age of two, then chances are you’ve already had that moment when it suddenly hits you that you can’t say or do whatever you want around your kids anymore. This “a-ha” moment usually occurs when a) the preschool teacher lets you know that your son said a highly inappropriate “adult” word on the playground or your daughter repeats something you said about someone directly to that person. And my personal favorite? Frantically trying to shush your three-year-old as she walks through Target singing (at the top of her voice, of course) the latest pop song – which was NOT meant for three-year-old ears.

As much as we would like to blame it on too much TV, the truth of the matter is they’re not getting this stuff from Paw Patrol, folks. As the saying goes, “little pitchers have big ears.” Your toddler doesn’t miss a thing. From your words to your actions to your mannerism to your tone. A toddler will soak it all in – and without fail, spit it all back out. Just watch your little on during imaginative or pretend play sometime. We can almost guarantee the words will all sound oddly familiar. And more than a little unsettling.

The thing is, when kids are little, we’re their entire universe. Everything from sitting up to eating solid food to saying their first word comes from us. We are their teachers, their examples, and their role models. So when we realize just how much kids, especially a toddler, can take in, it can catch us off guard…but it can also be be downright hilarious.

In today’s Share Saturdays video, watch as two-year-old Josie Palonen does a spot on impression of an adult on the phone…nevermind that she’s using her dad’s laser ruler (thanks to it’s rectangular design) as her “cell phone.” From the eye rolls to the pursed lips, this toddler will have you laughing start to finish.

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