Ellen Sums Up Parenting in Less Than Two Minutes

Ellen DeGeneres is, perhaps, one of the funniest people around. Her celebrated talk show appeals to audiences of all ages and backgrounds thanks to her now famous opening dance routines, the hilarious games she plays with celebrity guests, and her generosity in recognizing and helping members of her viewing audience.

And while Ellen is very open about not having, nor feeling a need to have kids, she doesn’t let that stop her from having fun with parents. In her segment titled, “Why I Don’t Have Kids,” Ellen asks viewers to send in some of their most frustrating – and hilarious – parenting moments. As you can imagine, the viewing public did not disappoint!

Choosing from a wide selection of photos and videos sent in by real life parents, Ellen picked some of her favorites to share. As you might expect, her commentary is every bit as funny as the footage. As she quite accurately points out when sharing a picture from a dad who confessed to leaving his toddler alone with several tubs of finger paints, “I’m not really sure who needs to learn the lesson here.” Touché, Ellen. Touché.

The other day, a friend of mine said, “Some days I just don’t want to parent.” And that’s a feeling that most of us understand all too well. It’s moments like the ones Ellen shares with us that turn that feeling from a fleeting thought to a mantra mumbled under our breath as we scrub fingerpaints from the floorboards. But thanks to clips like the one you’re about to see, you can rest assured – you’re not alone!

Thanks to Ellen and viewers who were willing to share their own kid-tastrophies, we can take a deep breath and remember that sometimes, it’s the biggest messes that also make the funniest stories. So if you need a break from parenting for just a few moments, take a look at the following video and start your weekend off with a laugh!

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