Baby Elephant’s Tantrum Proves Toddlers Are The Same Everywhere

Baby elephant tantrumToddlers are notorious for doing what they want, when they want, and not being sorry for it. As parents of toddlers, we’ve all had that moment (usually daily) when we want our toddler to do, or stop doing, something. Of course, more often than not, they’re simply not having it and a tantrum ensues. Well, as it turns out, we human parents are not the only ones who deal with headstrong toddlers. Elephant mamas are fighting the exact same battles.

Interestingly, elephants and humans have remarkable similarities in behavior from infancy on. While a baby elephant matures faster physically than a human baby, their brain development is actually on par at any given time. According to Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust,

“[Young elephants] can even be playfully mischievous, delighting in playing harmless pranks on other members of the family or herd…They know envy and jealousy, can throw tantrums and harbour grudges about a perceived injustice, just like human children.”

In this week’s Share Saturday video, a mother elephant is trying desperately to convince her baby to get out of, and stay out of, the water. Now, if you’ve ever tried to drag a splashing, playing toddler away from a pool before they’re ready to go, especially for something so horrific as a nap…or (gasp) lunch…then you know the kind of tantrum we’re talking about. And trust us, you’re going to have all the sympathy in the world for this poor mama.

Considering the standard operating mode for toddlers, human, elephant, or otherwise, we suppose it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that this itty bitty elephant has a very big will when it comes to getting what he wants. So if you’re feeling the weariness of toddler parenting right now, then just know that you’re not alone!

If nothing else, this sweet little elephant baby is sure to give you a smile and remind you that toddlers may not always be easy, but they sure are easy to love.

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