Girl Makes Birthday Boxes for Classmates Who Can’t Afford Birthday Parties

Bella's Birthday Boxes
Good Morning America / YouTube

Birthdays, especially when you’re a kid, are a special time. Even as we age and the numbers become less “exciting,” our birthday is still a day where we get to feel celebrated and special. As parents, we do our best to make sure that our kids’ birthdays are a festive time filled with fun and excitement for our kids. But, it’s easy to forget that not everyone shares that same experience.

In a world that seems increasingly filled with bad news, we love stories like this one about nine-year-old Bella Smith from Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary School in Kentucky. Good Morning America recently reported Bella’s story and we learned that two years ago, one of Bella’s classmates told her that he wouldn’t be having a birthday party because he couldn’t afford it. Unfortunately, that was not an uncommon occurrence at Wyan-Pine Grove Elementary School. The schools is categorized as a Title 1 school, meaning that 80% of the population is impoverished.

Although Bella was only seven and still in first grade, she knew she wanted to do something, and so “Bella’s Boxes” was born. Every year, Bella packs dozens of boxes with party supplies, including party hats, cake mix, icing, and balloons. The boxes are then distributed through her school’s Family Resource Center.

Bella gets supplies for her birthday boxes through donations from friends, family, and the surrounding community and has even gone so far as to forgo presents on her own birthday (March 26), requesting donations for her project instead. Already this year, Bella has packed 65 birthday boxes and is still going strong.

Bella Smith may be young, but she has proven that a kind heart can accomplish great things. To see Bella in action and to hear her talk about her project in her own words, watch the video below and remember, simple acts of kindness go a long way!

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