School Principal Reads Bedtime Stories to Students Every Week

School Principal ReadsAnyone who says that one person can’t make a difference is clearly forgetting about the power that teachers have. We all know the importance of teachers and school administrators. They are the ones that determine our child’s school experience in many ways. As such, they can make the difference in a child’s life, regardless of any situation that child might be facing outside of school and regardless of a larger school system. And you need to look no further than elementary school principal Dr. Belinda George for proof.

George is the principal at Homer Drive Elementary in Beaumont, Texas, and while she may only be in her first year of the role – she is already taking it to the next level. George told the Today Show that 94% of her students come from economically disadvantages homes. Because this means that many parents probably work late shifts and off hours, she wasn’t sure that her students were being read to at night. And so? She decided to do it herself.

Every Tuesday night at 7:30pm, George dons her pajamas, usually onesies that range from Cookie Monster to a unicorn complete with a horn, and reads a book aloud on Facebook Live. Her weekly series, dubbed “Tucked In Tuesdays,” started as an effort to reach her students beyond the classroom. Her first episode only garnered a couple dozen viewers, but soon the word spread, and these days, her videos will have as many as 2,000 students and parents viewing from all of the country.

Teachers have always held a special role, and thanks to the emergence of certain technologies, their power to reach students and families has extended even farther. George proves that with a little creativity and a lot of love, you can be a teacher and an influencer even after school hours end.

Watch the following video to see George read aloud and talk about her incredible mission to bring reading, togetherness, and most of all a love of learning to her students wherever they might be.

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