Accidental Phone Call Becomes A Lifetime Friendship

Accidental friendship

They say that in life, there are no accidents. Many people believe that even the most random circumstances, events, and scenarios are actually the things that shape our lives and eventually lead us to a place we were meant to be. Perhaps this is an easy way of making sense of the chaos inherent to life, or perhaps it’s true. Either way, today, we’re sharing a story of an accidental phone call that led to a life-changing friendship – so, we’ll let you be the judge.

According to a story published by, in 2017, a woman who’s now known simply as “Grandmamma Margaret” began leaving voicemails for her grandson, Barry. The only problem is that Margaret had the wrong number and was actually leaving messages on the phone of a young woman named Callie Hall from Columbia, South Carolina. Despite Callie’s return phone calls to let Margaret know that she had the wrong number, the phone calls continued every couple of weeks for months, and each time Callie would call back and the two would chat a little longer…and a little longer.

Eventually, Margaret figured out her grandson’s number and no longer “accidentally” called Callie, but by that point, a friendship had formed between the two women, despite the generations that separated them. Callie, who was going through a tough time in her life, had come to rely on the cheerful calls from her surrogate grandma, and Margaret had also come to love the sweet young girl who always took time to call back and chat. And so for the next year and a half, the calls continued.

Finally, in March of this year, the two finally decided to meet in person, cementing their friendship in a new and special way. The following video shows a beautiful recap of their journey and meeting. But most importantly, it shows the love and friendship that grew between a pair that most like would have never met had it not been for a single accidental phone call.

So whether you believe everything happens for a reason or you simply believe in the idea of a “happy coincidence,” there is no denying that one accidental phone led to a beautiful friendship for these two special women.

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