Kodi Lee, A Blind Man With Austism, Wows AGT Judges With This Breathtaking Performance

Kodi Lee

If you’re a fan of America’s Got Talent, then you know the wide range of performances that come across the AGT stage. From dancers to daredevils to comic entertainers, the AGT judges have seen it all. But it’s fair to say that even the most seasoned judges had never seen anything quite like Kodi Lee.

When Kodi, a 22-year old blind man with autism, was escorted onto the stage by his mother, Tina Lee, in last week’s show, it was clear that he was no ordinary performer. As he began answering questions posed by the judges, his innate sense of showmanship immediately shone through and the judges, crowd, and viewers at home had no choice but to be captivated.

Kodi’s mother also took a moment to speak, telling the judges how Kodi’s love of music began at an early age. She described his response to music and her family’s realization that Kodi was, above all else, a performer. It was through music, Tina said, that Kodi found his voice – and it was music that had saved his life.

As Kodi sat down to the piano and began to play, a feat that is difficult enough even without disabilities, a hush fell over the crowd  – and the moment he began to sing, it was as if time stood still. The judges’ faces, some streaked with tears, said all that needed to be said about Kodi’s talent, but if he and his family needed any more reassurance of his gift, the standing ovations and roar of the crowd surely sealed the deal. The final moment of triumph, however, came as new judge, Gabrielle Union, pressed the coveted Golden Buzzer, guaranteeing Kodi a spot in the next round of competition.

Needless to say, you’re going to have to watch this awe-inspiring performance for yourself. But we have to warn you, you’re going to want to have some tissues handy before you hit play! In the meantime, we want to applaud Kodi, and all of the other men, women, boys, and girls, who have the courage, determination, and strength of spirit to find a voice even in the face of obstacles. Congratulations, Kodi!

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