Father and Son “Conversation” is a Viral Sensation

If you’re anything like me, your social media feeds are so packed with videos, clips, and click-bait headlines that you tend to just keep scrolling. I mean, who has time to watch it all, especially when most of it is nonsense? But even in the days of social media saturation, every so often a clip comes along that you just can’t help but watch. And never has that been truer than with this clip of a father and his toddler son having a “conversation” while watching TV.

According to a story by the Leaf Chronicle (a division of USA Today), the father in the video, DJ Pryor, is a stand-up comic based in Clarksville, Tennessee, which doesn’t seem surprising after watching his hilarious interaction with his son. DJ and his 18-month-old son, Kingston, were watching TV when Kingston’s mom, Shanieke, began filming the pair’s conversation regarding the season finale of Empire. 

In the following video, DJ can be seen casually chatting with Kingston while they watch the show. Despite the fact that most of what Kingston has to say is gibberish, his father doesn’t miss a beat and the two carry on complete with questions, answers, hand gestures, and more. And one thing is clear, we might not have a clue what Kingston is saying, but he certainly seems confident in what he has to say.

Shanieke Pryor filmed the interaction about a month ago and only posted it earlier this week. Her husband didn’t even know it was online until, within mere days, the clip had gone viral, garnering more than a million shares, more than a quarter of a million Facebook comments, and even more views. Needless to say, everyone wants to see more. In just the past few days, this dad and son have become quite the celebrity duo as media requests continue to flood in and news channels across the country feature their adorable story.

But enough of the details…watch it for yourself! I can promise one thing, it will be the best thing you see all day.

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