Cop Dad Pulls Over 10-Month Old Daughter in Sweet Viral Video

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you’ve had a parent in a position of authority (other than as your parent that is), then you know it always feels like they’re a little tougher on you just because you’re their kid. For example, having a parent that’s also your teacher or a parent that’s a cop can make you feel like you’ve always got a little more scrutiny headed your way. And as a kid, that means that it can be hard to get away with much. At least that’s certainly the case for a little girl in Central Florida when her cop dad proved that even cuteness won’t keep you away from the eyes of the law.

When Officer Alex Kipp, an Orlando police officer, was coming home from work recently, he saw his 10-month old daughter, Talynn, in her toy car “driving” on the wrong side of the road. Naturally, he did what any good cop would do, he stopped her and asked for her license and registration – even if she was his daughter.

The resulting laughs from the little girl, even after being sternly told, “This is no laughing matter,” only makes the interaction that much cuter. But most importantly, the tiny tyke’s obvious glee at seeing her cop dad, even in full uniform and with his lights blazing, shows that these two already have a special bond.

Talynn’s mom shared the video in early July and it immediately garnered tens of thousands of likes and shares across social media platforms. Sure, Talynn will never be able to get away with much, but at least she knows she has a dad that’s always looking out for her!

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