Tatum The Rescue Dog Jumps For Joy On His First Walk With New Owner

There are some days we are up for heavy politics, world events, and heartwrenching stories. And there are some days we just need to see videos of dogs. Today is definitely the latter! Of course, you should be given fair warning – if you actually planned to get anything done today, you might as well just forget it, because once you see this video of Tatum the rescue dog on his first walk after being adopted, you might not want to do anything but watch it over and over again.

Tatum is a pit bull that, according to a number of social media sources, was adopted from a shelter on his scheduled “day to die.” As much as we would like to ensure that all shelters could be “no kill” shelters, an overpopulation of unwanted, unclaimed, and feral animals leaves many shelters overcrowded and without the resources to care for these animals. That means that sometimes, animals have to be put down. But Tatum, fortunately, was one of the lucky ones and if the following video is any evidence, he’s not taking his luck for granted!

If you’re anything like us and you simply can’t get enough of this sweet boy, you can see more of Tatum on his Instagram page: hi.this.is.tatum. Likewise, we would encourage everyone to consider sharing their time, resources, and love with the many pets at our local shelters. Whether you’re looking to adopt, want to donate supplies, or have some time to volunteer, there are countless animals like Tatum who can’t wait to show their love. Take a look at the Richmond SPCA to start or research animal shelters in your area!

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