Baby Trying Ice Cream For The First Time Wins The Internet This Week

Trying out new foods on a baby is worse than a game of roulette. You spin the wheel, but you never know which new food is going to be a winner. Given our mature palates, it’s not surprising babies don’t care for plain mashed peas or that they turn their little button noses up at soggy rice cereal. But for someone who’s had nothing but milk for their entire lives, anything should feel like a step up. And yet, we find ourselves cleaning failed attempts at sweet potatoes out of our own hair time and again. Simply put, babies can be picky…unless of course, we are talking about ice cream. Ice cream always wins, as you’re about to see in this video of a baby trying an ice cream cone for the first time.

The following video, which went viral within days of hitting social media last week, shows nine-month-old Blakely Jernigan taking her first tastes of ice cream while her mother, Brittani Jernigan, videos the reaction. Jernigan shared Blakely’s reaction on Tik Tok – and soon it was taking over the internet. Not only is it adorably heartwarming despite the cold subject matter, it’s oh-so-relatable.

According to an interview Jernigan gave the Today Show, little Blakely is always making funny expressions, but even her parents knew this was something special. Her first taste was met with contemplation…understandable. But within mere moments, her eyes go wide, and she’s committed to that ice cream cone in a way in which even the oldest among us can relate. Her enthusiasm hits such a high that her parents have to tell her to let go…and again, I get it.

As often happens with viral videos, regular people have a moment that they find special or comical and they want to share it with their family and friends. But every so often, that moment is so relatable that the whole world wants to be part of it. With hundreds of thousands of views across multiple social media platforms in less than a week, all we can say is, “We get it, Blakely.” After all, there aren’t many of us who haven’t had that exact same reaction to ice cream. And girl…just wait until you discover chocolate cake…

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