Baby Shower Crafts

Baby Shower Crafts
From decorations that your mom-to-be can use for the nursery to treasured keepsakes, baby shower crafts are a great way to get your guests involved in a meaningful way. Keep in mind that not everyone is crafty, so keep your activities simple. Try a few of these easy-to-do crafts at your baby shower and give mom and baby something to talk about for years into the future.

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Baby Shower Crafts:


Make a onesie

If you’ve had a newborn – or ever been within 50 feet of a newborn—then you know that onesies are a staple you can’t live without. And since all new parents will need an almost endless supply of onesies, you might as well make them cute! For this craft, provide each of your guests with a plain onesie and plenty of fabric paint, markers and other baby-friendly accessories that can be attached easily. Let everyone decorate a onesie with their own personal touch, then send them home with mom at the end of the day.


Decorate a Bib

Yes, this is pretty much the exact same idea as listed above. But the only thing babies need more than onesies is bibs. Using the same supplies as you would for decorating onesies, provide a plain bib for each guest and let them go to town!


Thumbprint Guestbook

This creative guest activity makes for a treasured keepsake for both parents and baby. Using a plain sheet of paper (a heavier linen or craft paper is recommended), draw a tree, the outline of a nursery-themed element or simply leave the page blank. Provide an ink pad for guests to create a thumbprint. Have guests use their thumbprints to make leaves on the tree, to fill in the drawing or once everyone is done, connect the thumbprints with a series of lines to turn them into a bunch of balloons. Check sites like Etsy for pre-printed or digital files of images that can be used to make your thumbprint guestbook.


Advice for the Future

Many parents joke that babies don’t come with a manual. So, why not create one? Buy a plain journal before the shower and decorate the cover however you see fit. You can paste an extra copy of the invitation on the front or decorate it with markers and other craft accessories. Pass it around to all of the guests and have them write a note to the baby or a bit of advice for the parents. If you want to be more specific, write prompts at the top of the pages, such as:

“I hope you learn…”

“I hope you dream…”

“I hope you love…”