Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Games
A baby shower wouldn’t be complete without baby shower games! And by now, you’ve most likely seen the game where you melt different candy bars in diapers and make everyone guess which candy bar is which by looking at, touching, smelling, and yes, even tasting the diaper’s contents. If you’re looking for something new, and a little less disgusting, to entertain your guests and give mom a laugh or two, try these fun baby-themed games.

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Baby Shower Games:


The Memory Game

Arrange 15-20 baby items on a tray. Items might include a thermometer, diaper cream, a pacifier, etc. Give your guests two minutes to see the items, then cover them with a cloth. Hand out paper and pens and have everyone write down as many items as they can remember. Whoever remembers the most wins.


Late Night Diaper Notes

There are few times we need a good laugh more than a middle of the night diaper change. Set mom and dad up for a few late night chuckles by passing out a diaper (any size will work) to each guest. Give them a marker or pen and have them write a note of encouragement, a joke or just a funny quote on their diaper, then collect them to send home with the new parents.


Baby Shower Price Is Right

Arrange an assortment of baby items on a table along with price tags representing the cost of each item. Have guests try to match the price tag with the appropriate item. Whoever gets the most prices correct is the winner.


My Water Broke!

While having your water break in a public place is every pregnant woman’s worst nightmare, this game provides a lighthearted spin on a less-than-delicate scenario. Find small plastic baby dolls at your local craft store and freeze them individually in ice cubes. Place a “frozen baby” in each party guests’ drink. Whoever notices that their baby has melted out of the ice cube first gets to shout “My water broke!” and wins a prize. Just to let you know, this game is especially fun at a co-ed shower.


Diaper Derby

Chances are you’ve played the wedding shower game where you divide into teams and create a wedding dress out of toilet paper for one “lucky” team member. Welcome to the baby shower edition. For this hilarious baby shower game, you will also divide up into teams of 3 or 4. Each team is given a roll of toilet paper and must “diaper” one of their team members. Because she’s probably already uncomfortable enough, the mom-to-be gets to sit this one out and serve as judge. Whoever has the most creative “diaper” wins!