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Saturday, February 25, 2017
Strawberry Fields Flowers and Finds

Best Local Florists in Richmond

There are few things in life that can beat hearing your doorbell ring unexpectedly, and instead of a finding mailman delivering bills or a grubby 10-year old asking if they can please come in...

Best Romantic Restaurants

We all vow that we’re going to make “date night” part of our regular routine. To be fair, we usually have the best of intentions, yet sometimes life gets in the way. But, whether...

Best Places to Keep New Year’s Fitness Goals in Richmond

All too often, we survive the holidays on cookies, leftover stocking candy and party foods. However, come the new year, we often find that our pants aren’t fitting quite as well as they did...

Best Sledding Spots in Richmond

It’s almost that time of year again, folks! And by “that time of year,” I mean snow. And by “snow,” I, of course, mean sledding. For some people, this is the highlight of the...

Best Ice Skating Spots in Richmond

When it comes to winter activities, there are few things that epitomize the winter season quite like ice skating. While we don’t have frozen ponds in our backyards like some of the colder states,...
Pops Dogs and Mas Burgers

Best Burger Restaurants in Richmond

It never ceases to amaze me how something as simple as a hamburger can be so absolutely satisfying. And yet, there are times when nothing is better than the perfect burger. It used to...
Best date ideas for Richmond

Best Date Ideas For Richmond

We all have the best of intentions when it comes to date nights. We swear we’re going to make them a regular thing. We line up sitters. We warn the kids that it’s “our”...
best-pizza-spots in Richmond

Best Pizza Spots in Richmond

With school back in session and after school activities in full swing, sometimes pizza is the only thing standing between you and a hungry family. There’s no shame in it…we’ve all been there. And...
Lamplighter - Best Coffee Shops

Best Coffee Shops in Richmond for You and the Kids

If variety is the spice of life, then coffee is the thing that keeps us awake to enjoy all that…you know…spice. Coffee is, truthfully, the only thing that keeps me going some days. And...


What Kids Hear

What I Say…And What My Kids Hear

I am certain that my children have no idea what I am saying at any given time. I sometimes wonder if I’m caught in...