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Monday, August 20, 2018
Teaching Kids About Grief

Why It’s Important To Teach Our Kids The Value of Grief

My cat died recently. I should point out, first and foremost, that I am not a cat person. In fact, I’m Team Dog all the way. Dogs are fuzzy, cuddly, and brimming with unconditional...
Money Tips for College

10 Money Tips Every College Freshman (And Their Parents) Should Know

High school graduation is more than just a ceremony, it's the start of a new chapter. And for many recent high school grads, this past summer has been filled with excitement and anticipation as...
Before vs. After Kids

Things We Say Before Kids vs. Things We Say After

Recently, I got together with a friend who is pregnant with her first child. Now, I have to say, she’s got a good head on her shoulders. She is the last in a long...
It's Ok To Leave Our Kids

Why We Need to Leave Our Kids, Even if They Cry

If there were a gold medal for synchronized wailing, my kids would win it every single time I drop them off at our gym’s childcare center.My two-year-old daughter starts as I walk her into...
Kids Subscription Boxes

Everything You Need to Know About Kids’ Subscription Boxes

By now, most of you are familiar with clothing subscription boxes. In fact, companies like Stitch Fix, Gwynnie Bee, and Le Tote have revolutionized how many of us shop – mainly in the sense...

The Toddler Years: Reframing the Terrible Twos

I have a two-year-old, and that means some days start with battles over peanut butter waffles, complete with toddler tantrums and tears on the kitchen floor before I’ve even pressed the start button on...
Baby Sleep Books

Why I Stopped Reading Baby Sleep Books

My daughter only napped in 30-minute increments. For months and months. Every day, I put her down in her crib, held my breath, and hoped that it might be our breakthrough moment. Maybe this...
Talking to Kids About Money

Talking To Kids About Money

Lately, I’ve been trying to teach my kids about money. Specifically, that they should not assume that my money is their money…or that I have any, for that matter. We’re off to a rocky...

The Mom-cation: 6 Things I Learned While On Vacation Without My Kids

The Mom-cation. It’s the unicorn of all vacation events. It’s a rare and almost mythical event that occurs when you have a chance to go on a vacation…wait for it….WITHOUT KIDS. Sometimes it’s with...
Dirty Little Mom Secrets

Dirty Little (Mom) Secrets

The other day I was doing some online research, which is code for surfing the web while avoiding laundry and sitting in my pajamas at noon. Anyway, I came across something that caught me...