Biscuits for Boys

jeb hoge

by Real Richmond Dad, Jeb Hoge There is one activity that, above all others, gets my six-year-old fired up. In fact, the mere mention of one word sets his eyes shining and mind racing. BISCUITS . “Wait, what? Biscuits?” I hear you thinking. You read it right. In all honesty, I think it’s the perfect [...]

The Mom Who Wouldn't Say I Love You

Late Enough Alex Iwashyna

By Alex Iwashyna, blogger at Late Enough get your ex back I wanted to write a funny Valentine’s day piece, but I just can’t get Saturday morning out of my head. I was at a coffee shop in line behind a little girl and her mom. The dark-haired girl, who was may have been five, [...]

Why we should be aware that Valentine’s Day sucks for some people.

Yeah, it's kinda like that.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Thank goodness for ProFlowers, who will send flowers in a box that you assemble yourself, at a great discount, and easily purchased with a few clicks on the web. Ya gotta love the hearts and flowers commercials all over television, telling you that she needs that diamond-heart-pendant (note here: guys, don’t purchase [...]

Perfect mom? Please don’t go there.

See? I often wear no makeup and show up sweaty at Richmond-area events.

The other day I had what is often a recurring conversation with a friend of mine, where she said, “Wow, you’re like the perfect mom! You built this website, you keep things together at home, you have an active social life, and you make it look easy, too! You’re just so put-together.” After I quickly [...]

My Child is 1 in 100


by Real Richmond Mom Lisa McGhan A Journey in Congenital Heart Disease Discovering we were expecting our fourth child, was both exciting and nerve racking. Everything seemed to go perfectly during the pregnancy, even though I was pretty sick through most of it. Our ultrasound was a little hazy, so we had to have one [...]

2in. x 2in.

I know this paper is not 2x2 but you get the point.

“Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” – Brené Brown Kate has mentioned our Nashville trip to Blissdom.  This was the first blogger conference for both of us and we were not sure what to expect.  For me the whole trip was worth every penny in [...]

Empathy for the Partnered Parent. From a Richmond single mom.

Crystal's little ninja soldier.

You may have read Crystal’s last post as a Richmond single mom, Allow me to introduce myself. Here’s her follow-up. I should be reading for class, creating a confidentiality form or maybe even knitting one of the 4 projects I have on the needles, but I’ve got a venue for parenting stuffs and it’s been a [...]

We need a stand-alone Children’s Hospital

Gayle Smith, MD, a fierce proponent of a stand-alone Children's Hospital in Richmond

The story from one Richmond mom and pediatrician, Dr. Gayle Smith, as told to Kate W. Hall You may have seen the article we ran last summer about the announcement of the merger between VCU Medical Center and the current Children’s Hospital; this was Kate Hall’s view, without the medical knowledge/background. The rest of this [...]

No Less of a Mother

Author Kat Hurst and her little one

By Kathryn (Kat) Hurst I can’t believe it has been a week. A week since my little girl has passed away. Tears fall on my laptop keys as I write. I can still smell evidence of her. I still feel the overheated warmth of her skin next to mine. There were no warning signs of her illness… [...]

Tampa Mom Fatally Shoots Kids

Julie Powers Schenecker, the 50-year-old mother who fatally shot her two teenagers in Tampa

The headline popped up on my laptop screen and I’m still in shock. A mother shot her sixteen and thirteen-year-old children in the head. For being “mouthy.” The shooting occurred Thursday evening. Police say that at about 7 p.m., Julie Schenecker armed herself with a .38-caliber pistol that she had purchased Jan. 22 and shot [...]