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Monday, June 26, 2017
Dad Calms Babe with Amazing Trick

Dad’s Amazing Trick to Calm His Baby

Parenthood is a challenge in a multitude of ways.  One challenge is to meet their needs when they are babies.  They rely on us so much that we want to do anything and everything...
Father motivates his daughter with positive affirmations

Father Motivates Daughter with Morning Affirmations

Father's Day is tomorrow and we are excited to celebrate and honor the fathers in our lives.  Fathers can protect and encourage us to be the best person possible.  For this Share Saturday video,...
Traveling with a baby

Funny Video About Traveling with a Baby

For many parents, traveling with a baby can be daunting especially when it involves an airplane.  The confined space, risk of getting sick, change in cabin pressure, and lack of resources available to you...
Funny Video of Dad in Speedo Embarrassing His Teen Son

Funny Video of Dad in Speedo Embarrassing His Teen Son

When you have teenagers, it doesn't take too much to embarrass them in front of their peers.  From the clothes you wear to the way you wave at them, there will always be something...
Girl want her shadow to leave her alone

Girl Wants Her Shadow to Leave Her Alone

We have all been there.  We either spend the entire day at work surrounded by coworkers or at home surrounded by little people.  We are also connected to additional people through social media and...
Toddler Waiting for the Beat to Drop

Toddler Waiting for the Beat to Drop

There is something about music that just gets us going.  Many people have songs that put them in a great mood and energize them.  Once the song starts playing, you are grooving to the music...
World's Toughest Job

World’s Toughest Job

Let's say that you are looking for a job.  You see a job opening online for a director of operations.  The position interests you and you apply.  The company contacts you to set up...
sorry shirt

I Love You Shirt Punishment Will Make You Laugh

For those of us who have siblings, we love them and hate them at the same time.  They seem to know exactly everything under the sun that will just irritate you.  It is inevitable...
Dad Sleep Parenting

Dad is Sleep Parenting – Viral Video

Most of us have heard of sleep walking.  It is when a person is fully asleep but is able to walk around as if they are awake.  Believe it or not, there are also...
Baby Wants His Dad's Food

Baby Wants His Dad’s Food

When our children are born, we want to do our best to take care of them.  We start reading food labels and try to make sure that our children get the best quality foods...


Dear Pre-Child Self

A Letter to My Pre-Child Self

Hey Girl,It’s me, your older, somewhat wiser self. We need to talk. Right now, you’re young, idealistic and almost impossibly naïve, so I’ve got...