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Friday, October 19, 2018
Baby Baker Pizza

Baby Baker Makes Pizza and Wins Our Hearts

If you're on the internet, then chances are you've seen two-year-old Roman Jalyn in his cooking show debut that aired back in August on YouTube. But if somehow you missed it, then let us tell...
Tap Dancing Grandfather

Grandfather Tap Dances With 10-Year Old Granddaughter…Straight Into Our Hearts

For those of us lucky enough to have known our grandfathers, we know that few things can replace them. Grandfathers are a special thing - even though no two are quite alike. Some grandfathers...
family of bears

Family of Bears Go For A Swim At Lake Tahoe

Teaching our kids about water safety is one of the most important things we can do as parents. We teach them the importance of not swimming unsupervised. We teach them about the power of currents...
Adults as Toddlers

If Adults Behaved Like Toddlers…It’s SO True!

There's not a parent on the planet that hasn't watched a toddler throw a tantrum on the floor and thought, "Yeah, I wish I could get away with that." The fact is, there are...
Truth about kids

Mom Hides From Kids In The Pantry Then Nails The Truth About Parenting

There's the saying, "Being a perfect parent was much easier when my children were hypothetical." And we all know that feeling. Long before we had kids, we knew just the kind of parent we...
Zezulkas Adoption Share Sat

Girl’s Reaction To Finding Out She’s Being Adopted Is Pure Magic

It wasn't long after Paige and Daniel Zezulka decided to become foster parents that they got a call about a five-month-old boy named Kai who was in need of a home. The Zezulkas said yes...
Mom Ears vs Dad Ears

Mom Ears Vs. Dad Ears: A Holderness Family Skit

Speaking as a mom, I don't want to give dads a bad rap. Really, I don't. Like most moms, I'm grateful for you dads out there and all that you do. But what new mother...
Sister Act

When Your Little Sister Wants To Share The Spotlight

If you have more than one kid, you know there are few situations in life that involve more competition, frustration, and stubborn determination than sibling rivalry. But if you grew up with siblings, then...
Bad Monogram

When The Monogram Goes Wrong: A Hilarious Parody

Naming kids is hard. First, you have to remember every person that you've ever known and rule out the names of everyone you didn't like. Next, you have to go through your partner's list...
Mommy's Boys

Dad Breaks It Down For His “Mommy’s Boys”

If you have kids, then you know there are times when they tend to prefer one parent over the over. For example, you might have a daddy's girl who just can't get enough of...