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Sunday, December 10, 2017
Tree Hunters - Funny Video About Buying Christmas Trees

HGTV Tree Hunters – Funny Video About Buying Christmas Trees

Every year around December, many families ponder the same question.  What kind of Christmas tree should we get? There are several factors to consider.  Should the tree be artificial or should we consider only live...
Musical Road

Route 66 Musical Road – America the Beautiful

Many families have experienced long car trips whether it is to visit family or go on a vacation.  The monotony of the car ride can quickly trigger your children to get antsy and test your...
Viral Thanksgiving Prank

Viral Thanksgiving Prank

Thanksgiving is a time for families to take a break from their busy lives to get together and spend quality time.  We reflect on things in our lives that we are thankful for like...
Christmas decorations

Boy Gets Excited Seeing His First Christmas Decorations

Christmas is just a magical time of year no matter how old you are.  The Christmas decorations transform our homes and neighborhoods into a winter wonderland.  The wreathes, twinkling lights, vibrant ornaments, and red...
Dad with a Stutter Reading a Bedtime Story

Determined Dad with Stutter Reads Bedtime Story to His Daughter

Goodnight Moon.  Where the Wild Things Are.  Runaway Bunny.  These are just a few of the classic stories that we tell our kids at bedtime.  We look forward to dedicating a portion of every...
Dog Honking at Owner

Impatient Dog Honks at Owner

It seems like everybody is busy nowadays.  We try to squeeze every minute out of every day for school, work, after-school activities, homework, and more.  It can get overwhelming at times.  In the midst...
Blinker Fluid

Dad Pranks Daughters with Blinker Fluid

When April Fools Day comes around, we all get in the pranking mood.  You may think about pranking your friends or your co-workers.  However, when you are a parent, your kids become the first...
Dad Hacks

Funny Dad Hacks

Everyone has heard the phrase "work smarter, not harder".  The phrase refers to finding the best way possible to get a job done instead of trying to accomplish a goal in an inefficient manner. ...
Moms and Coffee

Funny Video About Moms and Coffee

Families are so busy nowadays that we struggle to have enough energy to get things done.  For some parents, they rely on coffee to give them the jolt of energy to stay productive.  Drinking...
Parenting in Social Media Age

Funny Video About Parenting In The Social Media Age

In this social media age, we are sharing all kinds of information 24/7.  We may be sharing what we eat, what we wear, and what we are doing.  When it comes to parenting in...