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Thursday, January 20, 2022
Baby Wants His Dad's Food

Baby Wants His Dad’s Food

When our children are born, we want to do our best to take care of them.  We start reading food labels and try to make sure that our children get the best quality foods...
Dad Tries to Not Laugh as He Punishes His Sons

Dad Tries to Not Laugh as He Punishes His Sons

Messes are a part of having children.  A spilled cup of milk, spaghetti all over their shirts, and mud caked clothes are somewhat expected.  Children are learning and exploring.  Sometimes children take it to another...
Dad's Genius Baby Hack Stops His Son From Crying

Dad’s Genius Baby Hack Stops His Son From Crying

Moms do so much to take care of their families.  Every so often, they need to take a break and recharge themselves.  Sometimes it doesn't take much.  It might be a quick trip to...
Everyday Chores

Funny Video About the Struggle of Everyday Chores

It feels like an eternal struggle to keep your house clean and organized.  Based on the mess in your house, it would appear that you have a family of 20 people when you really...
Twin Toddlers Party Hard

Twin Toddlers Party Hard at Night

Parents face a lot of challenges when it comes to taking care of their kids.  We try to feed them right, protect them from getting hurt, helping them to develop, and the list can...
Father Videobombed By His Kids

Father Videobombed By His Kids on TV

If you are a parent working from home, you understand the struggle of getting some quiet time to work.  Your kids want attention but you need to get things done.  In this week's Share...
Brian Nhira - Would You Still Love Me?

Song Asks Tough Questions About Love

Relationships are hard.  There are days when everything with the world seems right and your relationship seems perfect.  However, there are also days when nothing goes right and you question the relationship that you...
Girls argues with her dad about the number 4

Girl Argues With Her Dad About the Number 4

Whenever we are in a conversation or argument, we always want to be right.  Seriously, who wants to be wrong?  When you feel certain of something, it seems like no one can convince you...
Baby dancing with dad

Baby Dancing With His Dad

Ever wonder what dads do with their children when the mom is away?  When the kids are old enough, they may play catch, watch a game on television, go fishing and etc.  What about...
Mom pulls a prank on her daughter

Mom Pulls a Prank on Her Daughter After Waking From Nap

We love our moms.  Moms do so much for us and sacrifice so much for the entire family.  They are the unsung heroes and a family just wouldn't function right without the mom.  They...