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Thursday, January 20, 2022
kid struggles to take out trash can

Kid Struggles to Take Out Trash Can

Most of us as kids had chores around the house.   We all had a part in keeping the house clean and functional.  Chores ranged from doing the dishes to vacuuming the carpet.  One...
Messy Talents

Messy Talents of Kids – Share Saturdays

Let's face it.  We probably feel like we spend most of our time either cleaning our kids or cleaning up after them.  For such small people, they have the supernatural power to make messes....
unique handshake with each student

Unique Handshake for Each of His Students

Let's face it.  School can be a difficult place for both the kids and the teachers.  As parents, we would love to find teachers that can connect with our kids and motivate them to...
Halloween Candy Commercial

Funny Halloween Candy Commercial

For many kids, Halloween is synonymous with costumes and candy.  Their eyes light up with the thought of gorging themselves with sweet treats.  In this commercial, kids are told that the sweet treats for...
Dancing through labor pains

Pregnant Mom Dances Through Labor Pains

Oh the joys of a newborn baby!  So small and so cute!  But before you can get there, moms have to endure 9 1/2 months of pregnancy.  Morning sickness, body changes, and food cravings...
Man Cold vs Mom Cold

Man Cold Vs Mom Cold – Viral Video

It won't be too long before the temperature continues to drop and it seems like everyone is sick around you.  You do your best to not get sick but it is inevitable when you...
Siblings Hugging

Special Bond Between Siblings – Viral Video

A lot of people have these.  They can make you feel good or ruin your day.  Just as quick as they know what could really make your day, they also know your buttons and...
Potty Song

Cute Potty Song – Viral Video

As parents, we have all experienced the challenges of potty training.  Sometimes it comes naturally for some kids while others struggle with for a lengthy period of time.  There is no shortage of resources...
1992 Olympics - Derek Redmond

Inspirational Olympics Story – Share Saturdays

As the Olympics draw to a close tomorrow, we wanted to share a story from the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.  For many athletes, the Olympics represent the pinnacle of their sport.  The competition occurs...
Brother sings lullaby

6 Year Old Sings a Heartwarming Lullaby to Newborn Brother

Sometimes parents are fortunate enough to stumble upon special moments involving their children.  We recently came upon a video that captures one of these types of moments.  The viral video below shows the love...