7 Changes that Could Save Your Life

Women's Health Magazine has these cute little Valentine's to share

  I love my wife, my mom, my daughter, my sister-in-law; you get the idea. That’s why when I discovered some of the shocking information on heart disease and women in America, I not only felt it was necessary to learn as much as I could, but to also support Go Red for Women and […]

Meet Your Goals With FIT4MOM Richmond

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It’s coming around the corner… January. That’s the time where we all make our New Year’s Resolution to lose a few and in doing so, we shlep ourselves to the gym on a cold January morning, drop the kids off at the gym daycare, only to find all the treadmills are taken. FIT4MOM Richmond offers a […]

It’s Fatty Food Season! How Not To Over Do It At The Next Holiday Party

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Mmmmm…. Holidays.  Some people think of presents,  parties, the spirit of the season… but there’s pretty much only one think I think about: food. Holiday food is some of the richest, fattiest and most delicious food out there, and while I absolutely love it, gorging myself at holiday parties is something I tend to regret sooner or later. […]

Regional Conference on Eosinophilic Disorders – Local Families Promote Awareness

  Central Virginia Eosinophilic Support Group, a network of patients and families, along with medical professionals, caregivers, and local leaders for the 2014 EOS (Eosinophil) Connection Summary Site Virginia will be at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU’s Brook Road Campus, Saturday, November 8 at 9 AM for a regional conference about Eosinophilic disorders. Eosinophilic disorders […]

Recovering After a Miscarriage


Emotional Healing After a Miscarriage The loss of a child through miscarriage can be a difficult and emotional experience. Even in the early weeks of pregnancy, many women develop a strong bond with their unborn child and feel a deep sense of loss when miscarriage occurs. Common responses include shock or denial, disappointment or anger, […]

Seasonal Flu Vaccine Now Available


While we have just started to enjoy autumn in Virginia, it’s important that we take steps now to protect ourselves from what is just around the corner: flu season. Our flu vaccinations have arrived and we are now offering the vaccine in our offices. Patients who have an appointment with our practice during flu season […]

Stress and How it Affects You


Infographic and information provided by Virginia Women’s Center A little stress is normal and can be good for you. But what if you’re experiencing lots of stress and don’t know how to control it? It could be affecting your health!   Stress symptoms may be affecting your health, even though you might not realize it. […]

August 5: What is a Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist?

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Weekly Health Tips: Provided by Virginia Women’s Center Pregnancy is typically a time of great joy and excitement. However, for some women, certain preexisting medical conditions can increase the potential for complications during pregnancy. For others, unexpected complications can arise that require the expertise of a specialist. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists are obstetrician gynecologists who have […]

May 27: Breast Self-Awareness

In addition to regular screening mammograms and clinical breast exams, some women choose to perform a formal step-by-step breast self-exam and others prefer a visual inspection. No matter the technique you choose (both can be performed in the comfort of your own home and without any formal training), it’s important that you are aware of […]

April 29: Genetic Counseling

April 29: Genetic Counseling Genetics is the branch of science that deals with how traits are passed from parent to child through genes. Having genetic tests performed during pregnancy is a personal choice. Some couples choose not to be tested for birth defects. Others find that testing and counseling can help them better plan for […]