“Linda McQuaig is a formidable candidate, and perfect for Toronto Centre. She combines a deep knowledge of the riding with a principled and uncompromising intelligence. What a boon it would be for Canada to have her in the House of Commons.”

Stephen Lewis, former Canadian Ambassador to the UN

“We need Linda's strong, intelligent and principled voice in Ottawa.”

Olivia Chow, former MP, Trinity-Spadina

"Linda is a home-grown candidate we can be proud of. She will be a key player for Toronto in Ottawa."

Deputy Mayor Pam McConnell, Councillor, Ward 28

“Linda McQuaig is going to make a truly great Member of Parliament.
She's smart, articulate, and very hard-working. Most of all, she cares
deeply about real democracy and true justice.”

Mel Hurtig, author, Order of Canada recipient

“I wholeheartedly thank Linda McQuaig, for her solid position where the Arts and Culture is concerned, and recognize in her a strength of voice and character much needed to make our case as a voice for the people. On a recent trip to Ottawa, I found myself refreshingly engaged and strengthened by the strong presence put forth by the party; and am with Linda McQuaig all the way!”

Gordon Pinsent CC; LLD, Actor

“We can't think of anything better than having Linda McQuaig's voice in parliament.”

Michael Ondaatje and Linda Spalding, Authors

“Linda McQuaig will make a superb parliamentarian. We need individuals like her to present an alternative vision, one that closes rather than widens disparities in this country.”

Greg Marchildon, former deputy minister to Saskatchewan Premier Roy Romanow and executive director of the Royal Commission on
Future of Health Care in Canada

“I have always enjoyed Linda’s books and her understanding of the pitfalls of the economic system. Linda would represent the less well-off in society, and I have no hesitation in expressing my endorsement of her candidacy.”

Howard Pawley, Premier of Manitoba (1981-1988)

“I truly believe Linda McQuaig’s candidacy will be an important addition in shaping the future political debate and landscape.”

Winnie Ng, Ryerson University

“McQuaig has spent her whole life fighting for ordinary Canadians. It would be great to see her in Parliament, and on our side!”

Clayton Ruby, C.M. B.A., LL.B., LL.M., LL.D. (honoris causa)

“Toronto Centre needs a representative in Ottawa who will advance waterfront development by championing national programmes for transit, infrastructure and affordable housing. Linda will be a strong voice for economic policies that will bring about liveable, sustainable communities in our riding and across Canada.”

Julie Beddoes, CodeBlueTO activist

“I think Linda is smart and awesome and I hope she wins.”

Dave Bidini, musician and author

“It is clear that Linda is the only candidate that truly understands the economic disparities that are palpable in Toronto Centre. I know she will fight tirelessly as our candidate, and next MP, to end them.”

Colin Phillips, PhD candidate in Policy Studies at Ryerson University

“Linda is a recognized leader in the struggle for social justice and equality. She’s an experienced defender of Canada’s social safety net. In the current climate of austerity, we need Linda’s thoughtful and resolute voice for policies that build healthy communities.”

Kate Sellar, human rights lawyer

“I am incredibly excited about having Linda as the NDP candidate for my community. Her warmth, eloquence, and insight will win over voters from one end of the riding to the other. Linda is the person we need to win in Toronto Centre.”

Janusz Dukszta, MPP for Parkdale (1971-1981)

“Linda’s work on inequality is superb and as a candidate to fill the seat left vacant by Bob Rae, she will very pointedly bring these issues forward in a manner that will win national attention.”

Bryan Evans, associate professor of politics and public administration, Ryerson University

“I first met Linda many years ago on an episode of The Newsroom. She was a non-actor guest on our comedy series, but she could not have been more seamless and natural. To me this spoke of her intellect, integrity, and natural honesty. My slight first impression was solidified in subsequent years reading her astute newspaper articles filled with opinions that spoke to me of who and what Canadians are and always have been: fair, hard working, and egalitarian. If we as Canadians want to return to our roots of being the envy of the world for tolerance and a forward-thinking attitude, we must vote for people like Linda and what she stands for.”

Peter Keleghan, Actor

“More than any other time in recent history do we need a voice like McQuaig. Her intelligent, honest and straight from the hip politics are just what we must demand of our leaders. Personally, I love her belief in the importance of arts and culture, her NDP stance on the environment and her determination for much needed changes. I so fully endorse Ms. McQuaig.”

Leah Pinsent, Actor

“Linda has a deep understanding of how economic policy is being manipulated to benefit a select few, and she is fearless in challenging the notion that market forces are paramount. We need Linda in Ottawa to help make social justice and the needs of people the real priority for government.”

Beth Wilson, member, Toronto Women’s Housing Co-op

Forty Economists Endorse Linda McQuaig
"Canada needs elected officials who will credibly and confidently speak up for progressive economic policies. We need Linda McQuaig in Parliament."