Coffee? Canvass?

The latest update from Linda McQuaig's campaign team

I used to say that campaigns run on 2 things: caffeine and volunteers. But this extra long writ period has me changing my tune.

Bread and Roses

Bread and Roses: Why Colin Phillips is supporting Linda and the NDP

Dear Friends -

When I was growing up, my dad was on the executive of his union local. I would watch him finish a long shift at work, then run to a meeting, work on a grievance, or get ready for contract negotiations. My dad taught me the necessity of working people collectively organizing for our rights. It’s why I’m now active in my own union. It’s also why I’m a New Democrat; labour needs a voice in Parliament, and that voice has always been the NDP.

The election's on!

The latest from Linda McQuaig

Few urban legends had a longer shelf life in Canadian politics than the one about Stephen Harper being a good economic manager. Finally that myth is being appropriately blown out of the water.

Stephen Lewis is coming to our August 8 Day of Action

I am thrilled to announce that Stephen Lewis will be honouring my campaign by attending our Day of Action in Toronto Centre on August 8.

Toronto needs affordable housing‏

Linda McQuaig supporter Shelley Ledger on how the NDP is standing up for affordable housing

Here's a way we can make a difference Campaign volunteer and Regent Park resident Samiha Rayeda shares why she's involved in Linda's Campaig

Volunteer and Regent Park resident Samiha Rayeda shares why she's involved in Linda's campaign

As a fourth year university student studying Law and Human Rights in Ottawa, I’m constantly surrounded by politics, but it’s nothing like the community I see when I come home to Regent Park in the summer. Living here for the last 11 years, I’ve seen many changes in my neighborhood. Regent Park is a vibrant, close-knit community, but we are also seeing the damaging effects that decades of Conservative and Liberal politics have done to our country and to a community with a large immigrant population such as Regent Park.

Ready for Change

This past Sunday, Linda and supporters from the Toronto Centre team were part of the March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate.

June 20th - Pride Social

Starts: June 20th, 2015 - 3:00pm

Where: The Bishop and Belcher175 Bloor St E(closest intersection is Church and Hayden)

Toronto Pride is just around the corner and so is the Toronto Centre NDP Annual Pre-Pride Social!

Alberta, the first of this year's historic breakthroughs‏

Right-wing pundit Kevin O’Leary perhaps spoke for the Harper base when he suggested on BNN that the way to deal with Rachel Notley’s stunning victory is to bring Alberta "to its knees."

Linda's Toronto Star Op-Ed Why are Canadians subsidizing executive stock options?

Why are Canadians subsidizing executive stock options?

It’s time to axe an executive tax break that encourages perverse behaviour while enriching the very rich.

Linda on the federal budget Harper's Mean Spirited Budget

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We’ve become used to mean-spirited federal budgets.

But we haven’t encountered anything quite like this before. The sheer mismanagement of public funds, unabashed favouritism towards the rich, indifference to everyone else and to matters of urgent public importance combine to make this latest Stephen Harper budget something of a jaw dropper.

Day of Action: NDP Canvass Against Bill C-51

Canadians do not have to make the choice between security and their rights. The NDP has taken a principled stance against Stephen Harper's fear-mongering as he pushes Bill C-51 through the House.

C-51 - Harper's latest terrible idea‏

Even after all these years, Stephen Harper manages to surprise us with his terrible ideas.