Crushing your budget with out it crushing you takes work ladies! But this list is one handy page I’ve created for you to have all the savings in one spot.

I’m excited to share it with you, almost as excited as I get for Black Friday sales!!

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This list is filled with good information and companies that I recommend. Be sure to bookmark this page because it’s just that good!

Straight Talk. You can find my story with Straight Talk in my post My $1140 Decision

Republic Wireless. For those who are Android users you might find Republic Wireless to be just perfect for your needs.

Airbnb. $40 for your first stay!! We all need to travel at some point. Maybe it’s for business, pleasure, to visit family etc. But you can save money in the process by checking out Airbnb. It amazing what great deals you can find here. Maybe even a night in a tepee if you are looking for adventure!

Date Night Printable - These are not your typical date night ideas but fun and unique ways to date your spouse.


Comparison Insurance Quotes   

The best way to know you are getting a good deal on auto insurance is to compare companies. This makes shopping so very easy! My step by step guide is here.

Carrington – Save money on your dentist visits.

Personal Capital – Knowing your net worth is valuable to you. It isn’t just for the mega rich either. I love this program because it shows you everyday what your net worth is and the motivation to keep growing it will also grow when you look at this chart. Plus it’s free!!! This post explains more too.