Counting Sheep? 5 strategies to encourage a better night’s sleep

photo credit: Adrian Pimpam

Sleep is important for our overall health. Sleep affects mood, energy levels, productivity, and mental clarity. ┬áRecent studies also indicate the amount of sleep can impact weight gain/loss. So whether you are having difficulty catching those zzzzz’s, or just don’t feel rested, try a few of these strategies to see if your counting sheep days […]

Free App That Helps Kids Do Their Chores


Chore-inator is a new iOS app that gets kids excited about household chores. Forget old school chore charts and confusing stickers. Chore-inator brings household chores into the 21st century with an easy-to-use interface where parents list chores and children complete chores to earn optional allowance and stars, which they redeem for rewards created specifically for […]

Giveaway: Apps That Make Life Easier


This local family is making life a little easier thanks to a little creativity and a smart phone. Binary Formations, a husband and wife team with over 35 years of combined experience in the software industry, create apps that start with a personal need of their own family. Their newest app, Chore-inator helps and motivates […]