Richmond Summer Camps 2015

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4 Star Camps at UVA for academics, golf and tennis. Our priorities for the camp are clear – each season our goal is to raise the bar in regards to safety, outstanding staff, customized courses and most of all just plain fun. Abacus Math Club offers a half-day academic enrichment summer day camp for children […]

“Boys Will Be Boys…… I Think Not”


“A boy is the only thing that we can use to make a man”. – Unknown   As we head towards December I decided I wouldn’t write a rant about the Christmas elf; mainly because I don’t care about the Christmas elf one way or the other.  I won’t talk about how much we spend […]

Pop Goes the Weasel

Is your baby stepping onto the yellow school bus for the first time this September? Or are you thinking about how the time is passing quickly as your child begins a new school year as a (insert your child’s grade here)__grader? On his first day of Kindergarten, my oldest happily skipped down the steps of […]

Boys Are Less Dramatic and Other Lies


Today I read this article: 10 Things Moms of Boys Must Do. If you haven’t read it yet, do give it a read. As a mom of three boys I could certainly relate to all of these (I’ve said the toilet battle thing many times), but one of her points stood out to me more […]

How Can We Make It OK for Boys to like “Girl Things”?

No Boy Should Ever Be Bullied For Liking A "Girl" Toy

Let me just start off by saying I know that I do not believe that toys, characters, activities or colors are inherently “girl” or “boy.”  However, in our society, it does seem like we have gender-ized many things so when I say “girl things” or “boy things”, what I mean is, those things that our […]