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Saturday, May 27, 2017
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The Perfect Little Perk!

So here I am, back at my new "most favorite hang out" - PERK!  If you live in the Bon Air area and haven't...

You Could Go Over the Edge with Richmondmom!

Are you a thrill seeker?Think you can rappel 400 feet down the side of a building?Then we want you to come with us!We are partnering...

2013 Dream Baby Shower: And the Winner is….

 We're super excited to announce our 2013 Dream Baby Shower winner!  But, first we'd like to congratulate all the wonderful expectant Richmond Mamas to...

Stepping Back but Not Away

I shared recently what inspired me to create this blog--my daughter's fall and subsequent head injury when she was an infant.Today, I'll share with you...


14 Signs You Have Teenagers Living in the House

14 Signs You Have Teenagers Living in the House

My youngest daughter turns 11 this week. This is only significant in the sense that, with two teenage sisters ahead of her, she is...