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Monday, January 24, 2022

Tag: Dad life

Dad Bod

Hilarious ‘Dad Bod’ Commercial is the Perfect Father’s Day Salute

WARNING: This video is a little racier than most of our Share Saturdays videos, but we know that dads love a good joke and...
Father's Day 2019

2019 Father’s Day Events in Richmond

While most dads are known for their corny "dad jokes," questionable fashion sense, and inability to stop and ask for directions, dads are much...
Mom Flu

Why the Mom Flu Might Be a Blessing in Disguise

Ok, hear me out. I’m in the throes of Influenza A, so I speak from experience. Though it is the worst I’ve felt in...
Social Media Parenting Groups

10 Types of Parents You Meet In Social Media Groups

Until I became a mother almost three years ago, I had no idea about the vast world of social media groups. There are local...
It's Ok To Leave Our Kids

Why We Need to Leave Our Kids, Even if They Cry

If there were a gold medal for synchronized wailing, my kids would win it every single time I drop them off at our gym’s...