The Peaceful Body Project

This is a one day event that offers in-person experiences and tools to navigate the insanity of diet information out there, to learn more about mindset and why self-care is key to success.  There will be some teaching, open discussion, meditation and time outdoors.

How I Saw A Nutritionist for Practically Free, What I Learned & Tips for When You Go

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I find myself having a lot of conversations about food lately.  This isn’t entirely unusual, as it is one of my favorite subjects, but specifically I’ve been thinking about how confusing nutrition has become.  Between diets touting bullet-proof coffee, weight loss plans which sell processed foods, and confusing food packaging there are a lot of mixed messages when […]

High Energy Snacks for Busy Moms

Health Tips from Martins

Our busy schedules as Richmond Moms can easily interfere with our efforts to stay on a healthy meal schedule. Did you know that skipping meals or reaching for that sugary snack will actually lead to a low energy crash? Going too long without eating and high sugar snacks can make you feel tired, cranky and […]

Why I Won’t Resolve to Lose Weight This Year


I bought a postpartum girdle and I was determined to use it. I figured I’d need all the help I could get.  I thought for sure, I was going to want to loose the extra weight I had lovingly packed on in my 42 weeks of pregnancy as fast as possible. After babies one and […]

Lighten Up Your Holiday With These Tips From Martin’s Nutritionists

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It’s easy to get derailed on your healthy eating plan during the holidays.  Thankfully, the nutritionists at GIANT Food Stores and MARTIN’S Food Markets gave us a few tips to make better-for-you choices, so you can still enjoy the holidays without any regret on January 1st. One of the most important things to remember is […]

Study Proves Diet Sodas are Expanding American’s Waistlines

Are diet sodas expanding your waistline?

Summer is here and many of us are thinking about how to trim our waistlines, as bathing suits and summer attire expose more of what we want to cover up! Now a new study regarding diet soda may shed new light on how to keep the waistline trimmer. According to the study presented at the […]

Eat a Rainbow of Color

March is National Nutrition Month and what better time to embark on a healthier eating plan for your family? Include color The American Dietetic Association recommends that Americans “Eat Right with Color” in March and every month throughout the year. This means including a rainbow of color in every meal including fruits, vegetables, and whole […]

Secret Weight Loss Strategy That Works — REALLY!

Attractive water bottles and glasses making drinking water more fun.

  Want to lose weight faster? Okay – here’s a secret! Your grandmother was right when she said you should drink your water! Drinking ice, cold water speeds up metabolism and helps you lose weight faster. Water is also important for all bodily functions and processes, and it promotes good digestion and elimination. If you’re […]

Are Diet Sodas Really Making You Fat?

Does she or doesn’t she? Should she or shouldn’t she is the better question! Artificially sweetened foods and drinks are often used by women who are trying to cut down on calories, lose weight and manage a healthy lifestyle. They are also used by diabetics or people at high risk for diabetes. Sugar substitutes are […]

Don’t Touch That Apple Until You Read This

The food pyramid is a good place to start for nutrition guidance.

At this point in my life, and after more than 25 years in the field of healthcare and chronic disease management with a focus on lifestyle management, I feel that I have learned a lot about living a healthier life. That doesn’t mean I always make the healthiest choices — but I do know how! […]