Divorce Is Hard Work if You Do it Right

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Trying to parent your kid while fighting with your ex reminds me of the poem by Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken”, but in the fighting version of the poem where the roads diverge, each parent takes a different path as well as one arm of their kid. Then they start pulling. There was no […]

Divorce: The Rippling Effect

Commonwealth Parenting, celebrating its 30th Anniversary and new partnership with The Children’s Museum of Richmond, presents a 6-part RVA Parents Forum Series on the toughest issues confronting parents today. Each evening in the series features local experts, Commonwealth Parenting Family Educators, complementary dinner and babysitting. Here are the details for this session:Divorce: The Rippling Effect Join us for […]

Help Parenting Through Divorce

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  Over 1 million children will see their parents divorce this year, and 50% will experience this life-changing event before turning 18.  At any age, the break up of their parents can leave kids feeling sad, angry, and deeply hurt. Often, the rippling effects of the split can impact the entire family. How can parents […]

Separate but Together: Parenting After Divorce

Divorce and  Separation concept

By Priscilla Wright, M.Ed, LPC,NCC Making the decision to separate may be difficult for most people. When the decision is made, the parties involved may agree that this decision is best for the entire family.  It is often not an easy decision to make. During a separation or divorce the entire family is experiencing loss […]

After Divorce: You Can be Happy Again


D-I-V-O-R-C-E It’s such an ugly word to many women. To others, it’s a word they don’t understand. And to others, it’s a beautiful word that reminds them of their opportunity to begin living a full and happy life again. The subject of “divorce” is often whispered in dark corners, behind closed doors, or behind the […]

Are You or A Loved One Going Through a Divorce or Have Child Custody Questions?

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Divorce proceedings can be complex, confusing, painful, time consuming, and emotionally taxing.  You can avoid this stress by having an aggressive advocate representing your interests in court.  The attorneys at Bucci & Dix bring the full strength of a seasoned litigation firm to to fight for the best possible outcome for you, your family, and […]

Embarrassing Wedding Stories Can Win You BIG Prizes


  Grandmothers, mothers, and daughters take notice.  Richmond Weddings is offering brides with the most unusual wedding story with a chance to win big! Funny, wacky, romantic, crazy, or even ridiculous — if you have a wedding story — then Richmond wants to hear it. Did the bride wear black? Did she shave her head? Did she […]

Pendente Lite Relief

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When spouses decide to get a divorce, but that divorce is not yet finalized, the court can award what is known as pendente lite support.  Pendente lite literally means pending litigation.  This support is meant to maintain the needy spouse or any minor children throughout the course of litigation and until all matters related to […]

Marital vs. Separate Property – What a court can and cannot split up during a divorce

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During a divorce, the property owned by a couple will be divided between them.  This process, called equitable distribution, is governed by a statutory framework created by the General Assembly.  The overarching goal of the process is to create a division of property between former spouses that is fair, and the law requires a judge […]

Helpful Words From Women Who Have Been in Your Shoes

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These are some helpful words from Richmond women who have been through divorce, presented by Scott Bucci of Bucci & Dix. The rules of kindness always apply even though your former spouse may be angry, manipulative, or downright mean. Keep your integrity by refusing to stoop to a low level. ~ Angie ~ Be brave, […]