Free Do it Herself Workshop at Home Depot

Installing a Tile Backsplash Calculate square footage and prep backsplash areas Learn how to set, cut and grout tile

13 Creative Stamps Made With Stuff From Around The House

toilet paper roll stamps

Snow is fun but even the best snow bunnies like to come inside. Here are some easy stamps you can make with your kids where it’s nice and warm (with a mug of hot cocoa).  No need for a run to the store, these are items you may have around the house. Toilet paper rolls […]

DIY Volunteering: Welcome Home Soldier


Each month HandsOn has a DIY project you can do any time, any place (or you can even plan on doing it one day, but then really do it a couple days later).  Find out more about HandsOn Greater Richmond’s DIY Volunteering initiative here. We’ve partnered up with HandsOn and will post the DIY for […]

Displaying Photos at Home: The Dining Room


Guest blogger: Allison Patel Everyone has their favorite vacation spot. Whether it’s OBX or Smith Mountain Lake, Atlantic City, Key West, or Myrtle Beach, you know that certain place that makes your soul happy every time you visit. That spot for me is New York City. As cliche’ as it is, I really do heart […]

DIY: The Makers Club

Calling all Crafty Teens! For Teen Read Week, join the library for a two-part program. Start off with a book discussion, Makers by Cory Doctorow. After the book discussion, make lanterns from recycled books. These lanterns will be on display for the Teen ‘14 program.

Teen DIY

Teens can get crafty with library staff and use up-cycled materials to make Steampunk gadgets and accessories.

Dilemma at the Door: Front Door Colors

front door

I’m in the need for a change. When we moved into our little house it had a bold red door.  Really a lovely color, but done very quickly with thick globs of paint, so the paint on the side door is beginning to peel away (much to the delight of my children who like to […]

DIY Volunteering Activity of the Month


Each month we’re bringing you a new activity that you can do any time any place and is great for getting little kids involved in their community. Here’s how it works: 1. Check out the cause and supply list below.  If it looks like something you’d like to do, let them know here and the […]

DIY That Gives Back: Volunteering You Can Do From Home


One thing I always hoped to instill in my children is the importance of giving back to the community.  I grew up volunteering in various ways but as an adult it has become much more difficult…  I work on Saturdays and I have one son who doesn’t come home from school until 4 on the […]

DIY: Cheap and Easy Stamps (Perfect for Little Hands)


Confession: I made these for myself. But when choosing the spool, I realized they are perfect for toddlers who are still working on their fine motor skills. Supplies: – Foam sheet (about 50 cents per sheet) – Wooden spool (or re-purpose old building blocks!) – Glue (I had Mod Podge but I think Elmers would […]