Richmond VA’s 2012 Top Teacher Announced

Thanks to Dominion Auto Group of Richmond, is pleased to present Richmond, VA’s 2012 Top Teachers as voted by thousands of our readers. The winners will receive a combination of $2,000 in prizes! We’ve made a $250 donation to our Richmond Adopt-A-Classroom class to Richmond city teacher Alex Mustico at Carver Elementary in honor of this […]

Tuscaloosa Tornadoes: Can’t Bring these Kids Down

[youtube][/youtube]   You may have read about our classroom visits in Richmond and  Austin Texas, and about our visit to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a city ravaged by a tornado in the spring of 2011. The students here were incredibly resilient, as were their teachers and parents we met along the way. This news clip, aired there […]

catch a CHEVY!

There are many ways to get around SXSW but one of the more fun ways is by catching a ride in a “catch a CHEVY” Volt. There are branded cars all around downtown Austin that you can flag down or tweet them for a FREE ride to your next event. Here’s a video with our […]

A Little Kindness Stretches Across the Miles

When we heard that past Chevy Road Trip Challenge Teams often showed random acts of kindness on their journeys to Austin we had to steal their idea–it was just too much fun not to wrap into the Richmond “brand” that we became on this trip. Taking some cues from our friends like Patience Salgado we loaded […]

Day 3 Chevy Road Trip Challenge: Completion, Connections, and Celebration

After another four-hour night of sleep after crossing the Louisiana-Texas border we were singin’ “On The Road Again” by 7:00am, on our way to our final destination on our Chevy Road Trip Challenge. After stopping in a tiny little Texas town, pulling into a drive-through that looked remarkably like a huge horizontal window was installed […]

Day Two: Tuscaloosa, Tornadoes, and Tales

Day Two of our Chevy SXSW Road Trip Challenge started in Knoxville (after four hours of school) and led us to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a charming city known for Football (Roll Tide!)so we had to make stop at the University of Alabama. We were excited to visit our second classroom of students, now temporarily housed in […]

Day One Chevy Road Trip Challenge: Celebrations, Classroom, and Clark Griswold

After a killer send-off at Dominion Auto Group today (thank you family and friends–your presence was a real gift!) it’s fun to reflect upon all the amazing events in the last twelve hours. Let’s recap: 8:30 am: big hugs for kiddos, drop ’em off at school with reassurance they’ll be picked up early for the big send-off this afternoon. […]

RVAEpicTales Hits the Road in Style with Chevy Traverse

Today started like most any day for these four Richmond women. But things were about to change quickly! Kate Hall, Kate Semp, Monica Horsley, and Kelly Vance packed their bags into the back of their awesome Chevy Traverse as they started their SXSW journey to Austin, Texas today. The big send-off occurred at 4:00 p.m. […]

The Little Engines that Could (Do the Chevy Road Trip Challenge)

Check out RVAEpicTales on Facebook This is the story of four little engines that learned about a great opportunity to drive from Richmond, VA in a Chevy while raising money for a great organization called Adopt-a-Classroom, landing (hopefully!) at a super-cool conference called SXSW. They started immediately upon learning of this opportunity to work really […]

Prepping the Kids for Five Nights without Mama

[youtube][/youtube] I was all ready. We were in our jammies. Snuggly. I had the map. The OnStar interactive route they can follow me on with the team while rolling while in our Chevy Traverse. The goodwill schpiel about Adopt-A-Classroom. Somewhere our trip to SXSW in Texas went all wrong and we ended up with Tasers. […]