The Difference Between Sprains and Strains

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by Hannah Gatens   Any athlete, participant in any form of exercise, or even dancers and workers know that sprains and strains are common.There’s a big difference between the two, however, even though colloquially the two terms are used interchangeably. Defining a Sprain A sprain is a stretch or tear of a ligament or a […]

Kid’s Yoga

Yoga for ages 7 to 12 can increase strength and flexibility, as well as improve balance and coordination. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and take a yoga mat. Classes continue Saturdays through January 31

Open Gym- Gym Quest

Pre-school open gym, supervised time in the gym and on the trampolines!

Open Gym- Gym Quest

Pre-school open gym, supervised time in the gym and on the trampolines!

Prenatal Yoga

In this class, mothers join together for a 60 minute practice to prepare them for labor and birth. The practice is based on strengthening and stretching key muscles, relaxation techniques for labor, and poses that promote optimal fetal positioning. We will also focus on the relief of common ailments during pregnancy for healthier, happier mamas and babies. For more info, visit

Recovery Energy Yoga

Recovery Energy Yoga is a practice of raising your energy with Kriyas, asana, movement, pranayama, radical aliveness, and timeless ancient India wisdom, unlike anything currently being taught here in the states. For more info, visit

RVA Streets Alive

RVA Streets Alive returns for a second year with a new course. The event will close Brook Rd. from Abner Clay Park to Broad St. and both northbound and southbound lanes of Broad St. from Adams St. to 6th St. from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to allow residents and visitors to use these streets […]

Get Healthier: Six Tips for a Healthy 2014


As we welcome in a new year, let’s remember that health is not merely the absence of disease, it’s a lifestyle. Whether it’s getting enough sleep, enjoying a hobby or learning to set limits with others in your life, it’s important to take time to be good to yourself. Take steps to balance work, home, […]

Why I Won’t Resolve to Lose Weight This Year


I bought a postpartum girdle and I was determined to use it. I figured I’d need all the help I could get.  I thought for sure, I was going to want to loose the extra weight I had lovingly packed on in my 42 weeks of pregnancy as fast as possible. After babies one and […]

Preventing Osteoporosis

Virginia Women's Center

Last week’s blog post focused on the symptoms, risk factors and detection of Osteoporosis. While certain factors can increase one’s risk for Osteoporosis, there are some measures that all women can take to help prevent the development of Osteoporosis. Weight-bearing exercises and muscle-strengthening exercises can help women increase bone mass before menopause and slow bone […]