Ringling Bros. is Listening to Audiences and Phasing Out Elephants by 2018

Photo from the Center for Elephant Conservation website

Elephants have long been the signature act at the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. But something isn’t sitting right with audiences about these sensitive, intelligent and majestic creatures performing tricks for… well, peanuts. The public has cried out over the use of bullhooks, which Richmond has considered banning. We’ve heard it here at Richmondmom […]

An Action-Packed Aventure at Marvel Universe LIVE!

Marvel universe Live stage

I was lucky to get a chance to take my 8 year old son and his friend to see Marvel Universe LIVE! Thursday night.   If there’s anything more fun than seeing an action-packed stunt show with your all your favorite characters, it’s watching kids, watch an action-packed stunt show with all their favorite characters. The […]

Win tickets to Disney’s Dare to Dream

Disney Dare to Dream Richmond VA

Disney On Ice is presenting Dare to Dream at the Richmond Coliseum this September, 2011 and we’d love for you to see this show on us! Simply click here to enter to win a four-pack of tickets by 9/5/11, and we’ll announce the winners here on the site. If you can answer any of these questions–you […]