Laryngitis Lessons Learned


-Every thing said aloud doesn’t always need to be said aloud. Greater thrift with spoken words might be surprisingly appreciated. -The oft-repeated adage, “Whisper—it gets people’s attention” is a bald-faced lie. -Unimportant requests should be pondered carefully and likely need not be verbalized. Learn to deal with the TV volume two clicks too high (or [...]

Share Information Instead of Germs with #RVASickCall

Is it the flu or something else?

By: Gayle Schrier Smith, MD, Guest Writer I had an ‘earthquake’ sort of an idea recently, and I was looking for a sounding board. What better place than with readers to discuss the concept and look for feedback? Remember back in August when the rumbling under our feet turned out to be a [...]

To Supplement or Not to Supplement, That is the Question

Richmond mom and doctor Rebecca Muminovick and and one of her sons

Does your neon yellow pee glow in the dark thanks to your daily multivitamin? Do you often wonder if you are simply shelling out money to color your urine or if you are actually getting any good from your supplements? You are not alone in your dismay and wonder. In addition many of you may [...]