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Monday, November 29, 2021

Tag: Friendship

Grandma Accidental Invite 2019

Accidental Invite Tradition Continues with Grandma and Young Man

You might remember the story of a grandma and the young stranger she "accidentally" invited to dinner from when we shared it last year....
Accidental friendship

Accidental Phone Call Becomes A Lifetime Friendship

They say that in life, there are no accidents. Many people believe that even the most random circumstances, events, and scenarios are actually the...

High School Baseball Player Hugs Friend After Strike Out

As parents, we try to teach our kids that winning isn't everything - especially when it comes to sports. We do our best to...

Teens Volunteer to Make Friends at Friendship Circle of Virginia

There are fantastic therapies and school programs for children with disabilities, but we can't overlook the power of interacting with peers of all abilities....

Get Together- Great Things for Grown Ups at All Fired Up

All Fired Up will be closed for cleaning and maintenance from September 1st-5th, but that means there's a shiny new store that awaits when...