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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tag: Funny

Hula Hoop

Dad “Helping” His Daughter Hula Hoop

Since the beginning of time, parents have done what they could to help their kids have confidence. Whether running in slow motion to convince...
Five Stage of the School Year_Cover

The Five Stages of a School Year

The end of the school year has finally arrived and as usual, the kids and I are dragging ourselves across the finish line. Most...
Social Media Parenting Groups

10 Types of Parents You Meet In Social Media Groups

Until I became a mother almost three years ago, I had no idea about the vast world of social media groups. There are local...
Dear Pre-Child Self letter

A Letter To My Pre-Child Self

Hey girl,It’s me, your older, somewhat wiser self. We need to talk. Right now, you’re young, idealistic and almost impossibly naïve, so I’ve got...
Bad Monogram

When The Monogram Goes Wrong: A Hilarious Parody

Naming kids is hard. First, you have to remember every person that you've ever known and rule out the names of everyone you didn't...
Dance Diva

6-Year Old Demands R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Her Amazing Dance Routine

If you've got girls, chances are you've done the rite of passage that is dance class. And that, of course, means that you've also...
Dog Honking at Owner

Impatient Dog Honks at Owner

It seems like everybody is busy nowadays.  We try to squeeze every minute out of every day for school, work, after-school activities, homework, and...
Blinker Fluid

Dad Pranks Daughters with Blinker Fluid

When April Fools Day comes around, we all get in the pranking mood.  You may think about pranking your friends or your co-workers.  However,...
Baby's Reaction to a Dandelion

Baby’s Cute Reaction to His First Dandelion

When we become parents for the first time, it is so amazing to introduce the world to our kids.  Things that may appear ordinary...
Girl Freaks Out Over Flu Shot

Girl Freaks Out Getting Flu Shot

One of things that parents don't enjoy doing when they have kids is to take them to the doctor's office for shots.  It can...